Jewelry Photo Retouching

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Demand of Jewelry in Globally

The jewelry industry is destined for a glorious future. Yearly worldwide sales have risen to €148 billion. It has expected to grow at a pace of 6-7% each year resulting in €250 billion by 2020. This industry is versatile and dynamic. It because of the fast pace and consequent changes are underway both for consumers and the industry itself.

What is Jewelry Photo Retouching

Jewelry retouching is a complex post processing process. In this method modification of the photographs. It is done in the jewelry photos using photo editing software’s like Photoshop. The goal of this is to increase image quality to make the photo more attractive.

Editors do jewelry retouching by color correction, removing background, making stones bright and removing spots or bad edges from the photograph. All of this techniques are used for commercial purpose in eCommerce industry and jewelry industry. Jewelry items are small sharp with colorful objects which are very hard to the photo-shoot. Every photographer knows about the challenge in jewelry photographing.

Why Needed Photo Retouching

The combination of all this quality in a photograph is present very rarely in jewelry photographs. Most of the business catalogues and books used by jewelry sell heavily depends on this photographs. The bad quality images will surely affect the sales of the jewelry inventories.

Firstly, the jewelry pieces are highly reflective and importantly with color. Secondly, the sizing and lighting conditions play a vital role when creating professional jewelry photos. Proper lighting conditions are difficult to get jewelry photo editing.

Which companies need Photo Retouching

Normally, jewelry companies sell their product by promoting their products with appropriate marketing. It is mainly online or magazines or newspapers. So, companies needing to promote their product needs this services all the time. Jewelry vendors and photographers around the world are appropriate who needs this services frequently. It’s a photoshoot for a special item or a company starting their new online business of jewelry.

Relation with Clipping Path, Shadow, Color Correction

Nowadays, the use of white background in image e-commerce images is widely popular. A jewelry photo placed in the white background may draw more client. In that case, background removal comes in handy when retouching jewelry photos. So the use of clipping path is getting popular day by day for jewelry editing.

No matter how perfect the photography is for jewelry items, there can be some dirt. It is not easily visible to the eye gets to the photo. So dust removal techniques are used when removing fingerprints & other particles from the photo. There are lots of retouching ways you can do this.

Moreover, photographing jewelry items is almost similar to photographing a mirror. Reflections make impossible to get a detailed clean view of the photos. In maximum photographs need to add extra shadow to make the photo more natural.  An attractive image possesses right balance of color and it’s not different for jewelry items. By the color correction, editors make the perfect glamour look to the photos.

The best to do High End Retouch

Editors need to decide how they are going to do necessary edits done on the photographs which need high-end retouching. Jewelry photographs are very complex, to begin with in case of clipping path needed for high end and complex paths. Necessity when doing Background removal, lighting adjustments, reflection and imperfection removal, shadow and contrast adjustments, and cropping resizing in a photograph.

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