It Pays to Know: 5 Digital Marketing Myths to Debunk!

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Merely a newbie to the digital marketing industry? Assumed that it’d be a walk in the park kind of venture? You just create a website, get it discovered, obtain links, rank higher, and you’re done. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Keep in mind that the digital industry is ever-changing and shifting.


For the most part, it’s still an industry in its genesis. Meaning, it’s developing, and it’s developing fast. What is true today may not be concordant with the facts tomorrow, creating plenty of misconceptions and myths about it.


In this article, we’re here to debunk and stop these myths from spreading further. Take a closer look at some of the most widespread myths out there.


Digital Marketing is Another Way of Defining “Social Media”


Social media is an essential and vital part of digital marketing. But, there’s more to it than meets the eye.


In case you don’t know, digital marketing comprises of anything that takes advantage of tablets, smartphones, computers, radio, game consoles, television, and electronic billboards. It has different mediums, from personalized emails to websites, to interactive advertisements.


Social media is just one of these mediums. That said, keep in mind that there are plenty of elements that make up a digital marketing campaign. It’s not 100% true that by using social media one is engaging in digital marketing.


Having a Website is Enough


Another popular digital marketing misconception that a lot of people speculate is that owning a website is good enough to thrive in the digital marketing industry. However, this is not entirely true.


Maybe it made sense when the internet became the newest vibe. But at present, it’s not the case. Nowadays, you’ll surely find businesses of all forms and sizes have their own sites, making it hard for someone to keep up in the competition.

Know that even if your website is aesthetically pleasing, but if it doesn’t contain high-quality content, then it may not bring the results you’ve always wanted. If you want to win success in this industry, be sure to have engaging content.


Also, you need to ensure that your website is unique, available on all social media platforms, and runs on the most recent technology. That said, it’s important to focus on your site and keep all the contents updated. Use analytical tools such as Google Analytics to assess how you can enhance your website.


SEO is a One-time Project

SEO is a One-time Project

More often than not, some clients set a specific amount of budget to SEO. Sadly, most of them think that search engine optimization is a one-time venture. Or worse, a project that needs the exact amount of resources over time.


But keep in mind that just like any other medium, SEO demands more than just preservation. It requires a series of testing and re-designing. Moreover, make sure to stay updated with the algorithm changes. Also, revisit content and SEO strategies regularly to ensure that they are still working and effective.


Negative Reviews are Harmful to Businesses


For the most part, you should always address any client concerns or issues with your service or product to enhance consumer experience and educate the customer about your products. There’s a technique for taking care of the negative reviews online. And it’s something you should know.


Keep in mind that wishing for an unfavorable review to disappear is undoubtedly a reckless mistake. As such, take the time to acknowledge the customer and assure him or her that you genuinely care about them.


In that way, you can uplift the reputation on your business. Disregard it on purpose and word of mouth marketing will hurt you, your products and services, and company.


Content Marketing is Unimportant


A lot of businesses presume that once their site is up and running, the work is over. But, to use the best advantage of your digital marketing campaign, your website should contain updated and relevant content that interests your target market.


Not only it will help you rank higher, but it’ll send and circulate a clear-cut message to your target market. If your latest blog post were about one year ago, your target audience would feel that you’re not responsive and active.


Remember, content marketing strengthens trust with consumers. By that, human beings read, disseminate, and interact more with a content that their friends and colleagues share.




Believe it or not, there is an abundance of digital marketing misconceptions out there, and for sure, there’ll be more over time. Digital marketing is a broad field that deals with different techniques. Yes, it may be scary and stressful. But, with the correct tactic and correct knowledge,  it’s sure to aid your company and business to grow and develop in ways you’ll never expect.


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