Is Technology Killing your Productivity & Creativity

How Technology Support Us

There are many advantages and disadvantages of technology in our life. Technology’s use in our life is immeasurable, We even can’t imagine our day without technology from morning to night. No doubt technology made our life easy and comfortable. Now the technology has made an essential place in the everyday routine. Is technology killing your productivity & creativity is a matter of dispute. Here we will discuss both aspects of technology.

How Technology Support Us

We get information in a second from the other part of the globe,  communicate with people, text and sent images in a fraction of second. Entertainment, music, definitely these things adapted by us because these all the technology devices made our life comfortable, save our time, effort and energy.

Machines in the factories increased the production many folded, and enhance the quality of the product.  And the apps and software we now depend on them, no doubt the work gets done faster and accurate than ever before.

All the sectors grow tremendously, transport vehicles made our journey faster and easier that saves hours and days of traveling in a few hours we can cross the continent, while the globe is our client and consumer.

In the defense, the sector creates devices that are very powerful if used wisely can create miracles. Agriculture, mining, infrastructure and in every pursuit that you can think produce great results.

The average years of people’s life increase due to the new invention in medical science, the invention of drugs that save the life of masses.

Technology’s benefit is immeasurable, but has bad side also, all the information used to learn new things that are freely available on the net, we easily tend to get from the net instead of using our creative mind. Content on the net is a pirated one because it is easy to access.

How Technology Is Detrimental To Us

On the other hand, technology adversely affected our physical, mental and spiritual area drastically.

When we did not have smartphone we used to remember thousands of numbers, we use our brain to calculate the sales and data. People are so depending on the devices he literally feels paralyzed without them.

You have noticed that your child rarely go out and play, technology grabs your chancing of doing physical work,  studies show that children play video games hours that sucks their creativity and the rays reflected from the smartphone and PC  make slow down your mind and your creative thinking, affect your eyes your brain. we shirk to do physical work because it is the easiest thing to do, it resulted in a bad impact on our health, obesity and different types of diseases catch us.

We know that a child’s development based on more physical activity than playing a game on phone. The constructive years are the very defining moment to build child overall personality and physique that makes a future and health of them that go lifelong. Physical activity makes them innovative and mentally strong, that can fight all the obstacle of the life with these types of behavioral skill. Fighting on the ground and interaction with real people maximizes their learning and brain development, enhance problem-solving skills that make a huge impact in their personal and professional life.

Playing a game on ground foster your emotional, mental and physical health. They learned there how to go through a difficult time. How to face real life problem boldly. How to defeat them no matter how big the setbacks are.

Gadgets reduce our sociality people speaks very less unless it is important, social engagement decreased because whole time people spend their time on PC, laptop, cell phone or tv, they don’t have time interaction with their family members their colleagues, coworker or co-traveler, gadgets are their friend they are so involved in that, nothing bothers them.

Gadgets affect the life of people so badly they even not use their own mind, they seek the solution on social media, they even don,t have time for themselves, all their time pass on social media that is non-productive activity.

When you ask people to meet or to go somewhere they don,t  have time but they chat on social media hours and hours continuously, without any break, even skip their meal, their homework or office work, or work that is more imperative than spending time on social media.

Studies show that an ordinary human being checks his phone, whats app social media 100 to 150 times in a day, how these electronics devices eating and affecting your time and productivity. Sure technology devices make fortune for some people who know how to use it effectively.

We know that machines can destroy the human civilization, countries and people’s lives, there are chances of the hacking of your account,  your whole life saving can become zero in a second, your personal data. I am not contrary to technology, and technology is the door to enter into the evolving era.

Children easily get into the trap of cellphone attraction, they easily break all the rules and limitation, hours and hours playing and watching on the phone make them negligent, parents need to watch an eye on them what they are doing on the phone, and how much time they spend there.

They could be creative on screen, making an app, music or something else. Devices are lucrative things easily entice people, particularly children. Children easily tend to sleep and watching the screen.

Wrapping up:

Technology biased more towards advantages, we can’t live without it. It is an essential part of our life. Definitely technology has played an immense role, still, creativity score are diminishing, content is copied.  But still, there is huge scope new talent coming and evolving with the help of technology. People making their career through technology.

Technology help people nurturing their talent in a big way, people make music, games, design and many more things with the help of technology and can hire a tutor from all over the world from the comfort of their homes. Transfer ideas and receive information. The online industry a trillion dollar.

It has the potential to save thousands of dollars of traveling, it saves time and effort along the way. Open the door to show their talent, anything can be learned through social media without spending any penny.

Can achieve good health with the help of information freely available on the net.


Naresh Kumar, a freelance writer and a professional blogger, founder of”_blank”   Who is specializing in web content & blogging for entrepreneurship, startups & business niche.


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