New invention to identify sinking vessel


In Bangladesh, the Pinak-6 launch sank August/14 in the river padma did not recognized. Carrying 300 passengers drowning launch after only 46 dead bodies were recovered. But what happened to the rest of the passengers may fate will remain unknown. Failure to detection the launch, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) Scientific Officer Md. Faruk Bin Hossain dipshocked for these event. Then he decided to research how can be identified drowning launch or ship in a river or the sea. And the fact that he has succeeded in just one and a half months. The initial test was successful.Now he is waiting government’s permission for this instrument has been tested as a large scale to the river or the sea.

 invention to identify sinking vessel

The machine has been named “Location Detector”. Inventor Md. Faruk Bin Hossain interview the media Deutsche Welle , the device has been created easily accessible machinery and technology. It has been used in mobile phones SIM, GPRS systems, batteries and solar energy. He inform that the mobile phone SIM will be in the machine and SIM rescue the device.It also connect one or more SIM of the relevant authorities. Put the device will set into the ship rig or tower. When the vessel sank with a portion of the device will appear. And from there, the SMS send to the launch of drowning. The vessel will remain with the location of a mobile phone SIM by GPRS system. If the battery broken would not be a problem because it connected to the solar system is there.

If the machine does not work in the electronic device, that’s not the problem. when it drifting, mirrors are placement of part the position will reflect the light during the day. He claimed after the sinking of the vessel, device will be valid for at least two weeks. He said the Malaysian aircraft black box was lost at sea, but it not be detected. His claim to the instrument whether the river or deep sea, any vessel, or else go down, can be detected. Conditions have to be placed instrument just before the object.

Md. Faruk Bin Hossain said it’s not first to discover. In ago he also discovered formalin test method only one taka costing, in which the country had to respond. Anyone in the market can check formalin-free for fish, fruit or vegetables before buying. The government has already approved it.Out of that he was discovered a machine to check if irrigation required in agricultural land. He said the water to irrigate agricultural land, depending on the assumptions. With this instrument is priced only 120 taka /1.5 doller to get know a farmer land irrigation have needs or not.