Invented a wonderful car without oil and gas


If you hear the cars will be cast out of the oil and gas, then you’ll be surprised. But the story is true. Amir Hossain from Bogra  have developed an amazing car that will run without oil and gas are velocities of 80 km!. His Profession is mecanicl engineer. Environmentally friendly cars are available in several models already run in Bogra and Rajshahi city. Amir Hossain has developed electric cars turbine system. Gave the name of ‘ROFH-ROFH TAHIAA’, which is the real meaning of ‘beautiful and go the fastest.

Caused by gradually increase the price of fuel and the environmental pollution, he was thoughtful for a long time and a fuel savings car can be made to prevent air pollution.These achievement comes from a long-term plan & research. One year attempts he was quite successful. His invented car on 5 seats of 250-kg weight takes nothing Mobil Oil, or Gas.

car without oil and gas

Especially the car battery charge is completed in one session, but this car automaticaly charged during the car run on. In all, only 25 taka cost to run  full eight hours at works. As the source of the kinetic energies of the vehicle used 60 volt electric turbine motor. The motor moves by one and a half to two inches of carbon. After 8 hours, the carbon loss is drawn. Then change it again to take another set. And so very little money to spend. It takes only five minutes to change it again. The carbon price is only 25 taka.Environmentally friendly cars are being asked due to smoke the vehicle.

This car is very easy to drive. Gear wheel goes move to press auto-button. There is a monitor in front of the driver. These monitors can be seen vehicle speed and other informations.It has a dynama controlled battery to supply power to a variety of vehicle electronic line. It is not complex engineering  function so it’s a risk free car. The 3 models of this car were made. In the meantime, two cars and a bus.

Common 5 seats of foreign cars needs at least 10 lacs taka/13,000 us doller.But this invented car costing only 2,00000 lacs taka/2,500 us doller.The small town of Bangladesh has proved that it can create a modern and attractive cars. Sponsoring also required with the effort.The common people of Bangladesh can buy Amir Hossain’s ‘ROFH-RAOH TAHIAA’ cars by the government sponsoring. Amir Hussain doing now 450cc 4-cylinder CNG motorcycle. Lack of government support, he told reporters, “This innovation is helping him not even any bank in Bangladesh. With the assistance, he was able to show the country that Bengalis can do better.