Ten Reasons Why all Indians Must Have the Correct PAN Card

PAN card india

The permanent account number constitutes a ten-digit number in an alphanumerical code, issued by the income tax department of India. You will get the laminated car when you apply for the PAN card. With this card, the income tax department shall have the rights to link all the transactions the card older does. This shall include the tax payments specified transactions, correspondence, and returns from income and wealth. This is the only way the tax department shall have your identity and monitor all your transactions. This card will limit tax evasion, asses the tax demand, and payment of taxes. It also gives a report on tax areas, and other business activities that the taxpayers do. If you want to apply, you need to know more on the PAN card requirements. In order to access the card, you need to know the correct PAN card, application process. You will also need to know more about the PAN card processing fee in order to acquire your card at the right time.

It is necessary to have the PAN card if you are a citizen and have any income generating activities. Since 2005, everyone has had the opportunity of having this card, as per the rules of the income tax department. You can use the PAN card online process if you want to make the application.

When Buying and Selling Property

If you want to buy or sell property, you need to use the right channel. This will go a long way in making your transactions clear and accountable. The law stipulates anyone selling or buying immovable property for the cost of five rupees or more will need to use the card. This transaction shall show on the card.

Buying or Selling a Car

When dealing with the sale or purchase of a car, you need to use the card. However, you need to keep in mind that this does not include a two-wheeled vehicles or detachable sidecar. This transaction will show on the card and present in the database of the income tax department.


When you are making deposits, which are more than fifty thousand rupees with any banking comPANy, you should use the card. This shall show all your bank transactions, and make it easier for the income tax department to calculate your wealth, and income.

Deposit in Post Office Savings Bank

Every time you make a deposit, which is more than fifty thousand rupees in the post office savings bank, you will need to use the PAN card. This is mandatory for all individuals in India who have the savings account with the post office bank. This shall happen all the time you have a deposits, which exceeds or is equivalent to this sum.

Purchase of Security

Many people want to invest but they need to do it in the right method. You have to ensure you make the payment of taxes and in a legal business. When you have a contract exceeding one-lakh rupees, you will need to use the card. This is quite important for the purchase or sale of any form of securities and investments.

Opening a Bank Account

Some people want to open different forms of bank accounts. This could be a business account, savings account, or a family bank account. Either way, you need to use the PAN card when placing the request. The bank shall enter your details in order to confirm the real identity.

Telephone Connection

If you want to have any form of communication gadget in your house of office, you need to use the correct PAN card. This will include the cellular phones, home phones, and office phones. This will act as an identity for all your details. There are many cases of illegal trades conducted through the phone. This becomes easier for the department and the state to trace, the identity, and location of the user.

Payment in Hotels

Some people want to stay in hotels or travel in different parts of the country. When you visit a hotel and pay more than twenty five thousand rupees at once, you will need to provide your PAN card. This is mandatory and the institution in question will need to verify the PAN details when making the transactions.

Shares and Debentures

When investing in shares and debenture of one lakh and above, you need to produce the PAN card.


The PAN card carries all your details like the photo, your location, address, and other core details. The income tax department will only need to use this card in order to identity you.

In order to access the PAN card services, you need to use the right channel to apply. It is quite easy since you can use the PAN card online mode in order to make the application.