Imagine Festival 2017 : Get Ready For The Enjoyment


About: Imagine Festival 2017

The Imagine Music and Arts Festival is a social event including a sight and sound show instance of forefront music, workmanship and thoughts.


 WHERE: Atlanta, GA

WHEN: August 29-August 30, 2017

TICKETS: $149.00

Like this numerous inquiries are going ahead your psyche. This Imagine celebration will be held at the wonderful Doe Bay Resort on mysterious Orcas Island on 29th Aug – 30th Aug. At the meeting of different orders, we have gathered an incredible lineup of skilled personalities, performers and specialists. Together, we will dream a fantasy, move a move and make fresh out of the box new snippets of an excellent reality. The Imagine Festival will highlight an extensive variety of ability including world class Electronic Music, World Rhythms, Live Acoustic Artists, Spoken Word Poetry, Live Performance, Visionary Art and a shaking Electronic Music Stage.

Amid the day we have collaborated with New Stories who will be putting forth workshops highlighting some stunning masterminds and visionaries. Investigating new ideas, we will concentrate on thoughts pertinent to molding the future, for example, reasonable cultivating, cognizance, workmanship, option solutions and practical vitality. One fantasy at once we can change the world into a superior spot.

The Imagine Festival has been sorted out by Transport Systems Catapult to investigate Intelligent Mobility and the fate of transport. Transport frameworks are pivotal to the UK’s economy and our personal satisfaction. How would we move individuals and products around the globe all the more adequately? Envision a future where adventures are quick, consistent, agreeable, and green. The Imagine Festival will investigate what will be conceivable later on at the UK’s new Imovation Center in Milton.

The TSC exists to drive business development, pull in speculation, and make occupations through Intelligent Mobility advancement. The Festival will investigate the most recent thoughts and unite trailblazers and clients to investigate the eventual fate of transport.

It’s gone for individuals who are energetic about development and Intelligent Mobility. That incorporates anybody with an enthusiasm for innovation and development that could have an effect on how we move individuals and merchandise far and wide including SMEs, business people, trend-setters, technologists, business pioneers, scholastics and policymakers. Occasions incorporate a live Battle of Ideas, development and arrangement workshops, tech talks, and guided voyages through the Imovation Center. You can view and purchase tickets for the occasion program here.