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A calculation of illiterate people of any country

We want to know, “What is the back bone of the nation”. We also to know that, “Illiteracy is a curse”. Education s the first stage of development of any society or country, but when majority person of our Illiterates, we can’t prosper our national life. The rest of our people are illiterate, it is very sad for any nation or society or country, because “Education is the back bone of the nation”. We know all no nation can make any progress without education, but in Bangladesh illiteracy exists on a mass scale So we cannot stand our national life. Now the question to mass literacy arises. Mass literacy does not mean imparting higher education to all.  It aims at attaining the ability to read and write in a short period of time, if all people in a country can attain the ability to read and write, the country will meet the light of hope.

Nation clearly realized that uneducation is very important curse; we must get success of the curse to remove illiteracy. Major importances have been given on adult education; true that all  illiterate grown up person cannot be brought under the program at a time. It is also true that, only a few grown up illiterate person of the project area have responded to the all.

The illiterate women can’t come because of their ignorance and poverty. The adult education program will be crowned with success if our illiterate adults want to get rid of the curse, the other side of g picture is not satisfactory. Encouraging response should come from our educated person to delete illiteracy from any society or country. Some bright examples including the cases of Turkey, Russia and China should be brought before them. All people should be motivated and encouraged by the local leaders and competent authorities so that people come forward to making the program a success.