Hurrican sandy News: Britons still stranded in The US


British Airways is not sure of how long it would take to get their passengers with the flights that will be leaving New York. We all know that the sandy interrupted all flights in New York and this was not planned for. Britons are still stranded in the airports without their belongings. Some of them fled from their hotels in fright of the storm leaving their belongings. Recently, they were offered with emergency passports to assist them get back home.

Yesterday was when the winds eased a little and flights resumed partial operations. The airports still say that they need a couple of days in order to resume full operation in order to establish how many flights they could get in and out of the region.

President Obama took a helicopter tour in the Atlantic to see the extent the Sandy devastated the area. New Jersey and New York were worst hit. The  President visited New Jersey where he was hosted by the Republican’s governor Chris Christie who has put aside the Partisan politics in the wake of the calamity facing this state.

In  press conference, President Obama promised that his government will take the initiative of rebuilding the state and that follow up will be done. Nothing will come to hinder the rebuilding and it will be done to full recovery.

In New York, two of the three major airports resumed operation with little flights in John F Kennedy International and Newark Liberty International. The third airport LaGuardia was closed as the personnel are still assessing the damage.