How to use Mouse?


Most of computer user can’t get the best utilization from using mouse due to little knowledge about using a mouse. If you know the best use of mouse, it will make your work easy, smooth and also reduce working time. To get the best utilization from mouse please see the below tips:
Shift Button and Mouse Click:
You can select or highlight any part of a text in word processing or text editor. Keep cursor in the beginning of a paragraph from where you want to select then press Shift button and keep the mouse cursor at the end of paragraph.
To select any part of your desired paragraph locating in same column by dragging, use Alt button.
Uses of Scroll wheel:
Now most of the mouse has scroll wheel that is used to go page up and down. The use of scroll wheel is used below:

  •   Mouse wheel is not only a wheel; it also works as a button. This mouse wheel work as third button. If you click a link by mouse wheel then it will open in new tab. Again, tab can close by clicking mouse wheel.
  •   At the time of internet browsing by pressing shift button with scrolling you can go up and down of the page.
  •   You can zoom the page by pressing ctrl button and scrolling.

Selecting by double & triple clicking:
You can select any word by double clicking and select any paragraph by triple clicking.

Uses of right click:

You can see the properties of any file or text by selecting the text or file and can copy, paste. By clicking right button on a selected text or file and drag it you will get move or copy option.

Uses of Ctrl Key and Mouse:

By pressing ctrl button and click on files by mouse you can select your desired files from many files. In the time of web browsing you can open a link in new tab by pressing Ctrl button and right button of mouse.

Uses of side button of mouse:

Now a day’s two (2) extra button added beside mouse. This two button can use customize by program setting as you desire. Generally, left thumb button is set by default for go to back page at the time of web browsing.

Uses of Snap to in Windows:

Snap to feature in windows automatically goes to the button of any dialog box. For example windows will show a warning dialog box if you want to delete any file. If you activate snap to option then cursor will go automatically to Ok, you only need to press the mouse. To activate Snap to option go to Control panel, then mouse properties and on the Snap to option.

Manage Opened Window:

You can maximize or resize any opened window by double clicking on title bar. The window will close by clicking on logo at upper left corner of opened window.