How to save yourself from a burning vehicle


Save yourself from a burning vehicle: No one stay in a burning vehicle willingly. But unfortunately if any one fall this problem what should he/she do?

  1.  If unfortunately any one stay in a burned vehicle there is not only risk of death by fire. There are many types of synthetic type materials that create much toxic smoke. Not only that, there may creates toxic Carbon Mono Oxide (CO3) gas due to lack of Oxygen (O2).  You may senseless due to effect of this gas. As a result you may die. Your first duty is, don’t worry or Panic. When you will panic you may lose your judge and intelegencey. So find out the way to go outside the burned vehicle calm quietly.
  2.  Stop the burned vehicle because fire will rise with the connection of Oxygen (O2). Don’t run with fire in your body. In this situation you must tumbling at soil instead of running.
  3. If you want to put out the fire, try firstly. If you think you can’t put out it easily don’t waste your time here. Kick with pair of legs in the side window of vehicle. This will help to get out toxic gas as well as your way to get out from burned vehicle.
  4. Unlock the card doors first if you stay in a private car or micro bus. Though you can’t out but the people who want to help you can easily bring you out by open the car doors.  Unplug the seat belt.
  5. Don’t use water at fire making from petrol or gasoline. Oil and water doesn’t mix with each other.  As a result water goes under burning petroleum and began to bust by heat of petroleum. This boiled water knocked the oil abound the spot. The way to put out the petroleum created fire is covered with blanket or through sand. It is very dangerous to pour water, if there is no way to pour two (2) litters water at a time.
  6. Careful about accident from running vehicle after get out from burning car.
  7. Don’t block exit way or waste time to bring out large accessories.
  8. Give information to fire brigade to stay a safe distance from burned vehicle or spot.
  9. Turned off the ignition of vehicle.
  10. Finally, Called to our almighty.