How to remove stains of your designer clothes


Fashion with shiny clothes:

The Fashion or latest style based on the latest and newest creations of clothes and other wears by fashion designer. The role of Fashion designer is vital for the term fashion as he is only responsible for the latest technologies by creating different costumes for fashion. Generally, costume word represents the special senses of fashion such as masquerade wear, fancy dresses etc.

Nowadays, there are certain problems are there in the world of growing fashion and technology also. One of them is occurrence of stains in the clothes which also degrades the shine of clothing wears.

There are ample procedures which helps you to remove the stains from your clothes such as:

Different way to remove stains from your clothes-

  • Initially, pre-soak the stained cloth with a gallon of cold water.
  • Then add one fourth cup of baking soda on it and keep your clothes on that water for whole night. However, if you don’t have enough time so pre-soaking for 1 hour is also sufficient.
  • Another concern is that the fecal matter always rinsed out from the clothes before clothes going to re-soaking.

How to manage your designer clothes:

  • After above steps it is clearly that about 70% stubborn stains are removed from your clothes but, for best results, dump your clothes along with solution of baking soda while you’re going to toss your cloth on washing machine. Continue this procedure for 1 to 2 cycles and after one cycle, add any perfume free detergent or dye and switch your washing machine as heavy.
  • After this procedure, it is clear that the stubborn stains are removed. Now time to provide shining on the clothes. Hang your clothes outside our home so that rays of sun directly fall over it. As sun contains natural bleaching agent which slowly, but efficiently enhances the shining of your clothes.

Since, these above steps are for removing the stains from your clothes and keep your clothes shining. However, if this procedure doesn’t work effectively then artificial chlorine bleaching agent is used for removing stubborn stains.