How to prepare curriculum Vitae (CV) of potential employee for his/her employer


A curriculum Vitae (CV) is the initial presentation of a potential employee to his/her employer. But most of the time it is seen that, majority of potential job seekers are not aware about making their Curriculum Vitae (CV). As a result many qualified job seekers not allowed for a job interview.

To prepare your CV you must careful about the following issues:

#  An employer gives maximum 30 seconds to review a CV, so it should be short. Presentation of your information should clear & easily understandable. Avoid comparatively less important information.

#  CV of a fresh graduate should not be maximum two (2) pages.

#  Your CV is your own marketing media, so it should be lucrative. But don’t use color paper, color font. If you need to highlight any point you can use Bold, Italic or underlined.

# Always keep in mind that, if any grammatical mistake or spelling mistake found in CV, then the employer has a negative impression on you. So after preparing a CV, review it carefully and you can also get help from a person who knows English well.

#  When you submit a CV for a specific circular, and then make your CV as per requirement of circular. For this you must read the circular carefully and you can collect information about the organization.

#  It is very important that, all information’s provided in CV is correct. Don’t provide such information which may proof as incorrect information at interview board.

Different part of Curriculum Vitae (CV):

To make your CV more presentable following information need to be included:

  • Title
  • Career Summary ( More important for experienced )
  • Career Objective ( More important for fresh graduate )
  • Job experience
  • Educational qualification & Training
  • Additional Information
  • Personal Information
  • Reference


Title includes your full name at starting of CV. The name should bold and font size should comparatively large. After that, write your full mailing address, Contact number & E-mail address. It should write at top middle of page.

Career Summary:

It is important for the person who has an experience of more than 4 to 5 years. Write your previous work area within 6 to 7 lines. Write your achievements in previous work area.

Career Objective:

It is applicable for fresh graduate or a job experience of 2 to 3 years. Here you should include your immediate goal and how it will help to meet the goal of organization where you will submit your CV. Give emphasis on what you are able to provide the company; rather company will do for you.

Job experience:

This part should come prior to educational qualification for experienced person, vice versa for fresh graduate of less experienced person.

Key points that should include for each Job experience are as follows:

  • Name of Organization
  • Designation
  • Time period (From & To)
  • Job responsibility
  • Special achievement

If you work different designation at different organization then specify it.

Write your last experience first, and then chronologically arrange other experience.  No need to write less important experience or short tenor experience at your CV.  Always keep in mind the gap between one job experiences to another should not be more; it has a negative impression on you.

Educational qualification & Training:

This part should write prior job experience for fresh graduate of less experienced. Write the name of your degree where latest degree will come first and others chronologically. The information requires writing in education part are as follows:

  • Name of Degree (For Ex: MBA, BBA, HSC, SSC)
  • Session period
  • Education Board
  • Name of institution
  • Year of Exam & Result published year.
  • Result (If any special  achievement, then mention it)

In case of any unpublished result you must write appeared in a bracket {Example: MBA (Appeared)}. In case of incomplete degree write ongoing in bracket {Example: MBA (Ongoing)}. If the result of any degree is very unsatisfactory, then no need to write result for any educational qualification.

Additional Information:

The information which isn’t writes in earlier part but related with your job need to include here.

  • Professional Achievement
  • Award
  • Language proficiency
  • Computer Skills
  • License, Government Identity, Published writing & Copy right.
  • Voluntary activities.

Personal Information:

Personal Information includes following information’s:

  • Parents name
  • Date of Birth
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  •  NID number/ Social security number
  • Country you travelled
  • Hobby
  • Present & Permanent address etc.


Never use your blood relatives as your reference. Use reference a person who observe you from very near at your student life or carrier life. Write address, contact number & E-mail address of reference. Use minimum two (2) and maximum three (3) references. You must inform the references that you use their name as reference in your CV.