How to operate multi computers by using only one Mouse and Keyboard


Most of us know about using many computers by same user and many of us do it to do multi tasking job. As a result they face space problem in their computer table to keep more mouse and keyboard. To avoid this problem do the following steps:

The operation is conducted through a garage project of Microsoft named Mouse without borders.

This software can connect four (4) computers at a time with each other through Wi-Fi or LAN connections. When the computers will connect with each other then you can copy, paste, and file transfer from one computer to another computer by using only a single mouse. You can also type or do any work by using a single keyboard at a time.

Download Mouse without borders software of 1.1 MB. After download the file click Accept and Install to install the software.

Now install the software to others computer that you want to use. After completing installation you get a signal to connect others computer. Now click on it and you will get a code that you need to enter software of others computer.



Now enter the code and connect it. After that shake the mouse you can enter one computer to another easily.