How to Make Face Creams at Home


Using face creams on a regular basis is a must. One can always make them at home.

Olive Oil Night Cream:

In this cream the main ingredient is olive oil. This can easily lock the moisture of the skin. Another active ingredient of this cream is coconut oil. This can add both beauty and health to the skin. One can also add some Vitamin E capsules if they want some skin repair ingredients in the cream.

To make this at home, one needs 2 spoons of coconut oil, half a cup of extra virgin olive oil, 2 capsules of Vitamin E and 1 spoon of bee wax. At first one needs to mix olive oil, bee wax and coconut oil in a saucepan and heat it well until it is melted. Then crush the Vitamin E capsules and add them to the mixture. Keep it aside and let it cool. Then store the cream in a container and keep it in the room temperature. This handmade face cream in India is very popular and perfect to use.

Glycerine Cream:

This is a perfect one as a winter cream. The glycerine will help to restore the lost moisture in the skin and the coconut oil actually replenishes the skin with its anti fungal properties. There is also almond and rose oil which will make the skin supple. The ingredients that are needed to prepare this cream are 2 table spoons of rose water, 1 table spoon of almond oil, 1 table spoon of coconut oil and 1 table spoon of glycerine. One needs to take a double boiler and heat the mixture of coconut oil and almond oil in it. Then add the rose water and glycerine in that mixture. Once it cools down, store it in a container.

Cocoa Butter Wrinkle Cream

This cream is perfect for those who have dry and chapped skin. The cocoa butter present in the cream works great here. To make this at home one needs 2 table spoons of cocoa butter, a table spoon of coconut oil and a table spoon of virgin olive oil. One needs to add all the mentioned ingredients in a boiler and heat it. When the ingredients are mixed properly then put it down and let it cool. One can apply this cream anytime of the day to keep it moisturised.

Green Tea Detoxifying Cream

One can easily remove the impurities from the skin that are mainly caused by the pollution. The green tea has many detoxifying ingredients which helps the skin to remove impurities. Ingredients that are needed to make this at home are a table spoon of green tea extract, 1 table spoon of rose water, a table spoon of almond oil, a tea spoon of essential oil, 1 table spoon of aloe vera juice and a table spoon of beeswax. First, one needs to mix the beeswax and almond oil together and boil it properly to melt it. Then remove the mixture to add aloe vera juice to it. Lastly add the green tea extract and essential oil with rose oil in that mixture.

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