How to Keep Your Teeth White After Teeth Whitening

Keep Your Teeth White

Teeth Whitening is the most effective way to gain your smile back. It can dramatically improve the color of your teeth. However, most people don’t become aware of the process of keeping their teeth white after teeth whitening. If you don’t care about your teeth after teeth whitening, its whitening will fade away, and you will end up with the same color. If you are searching for a reliable Teeth Whitening Clinic in San Jose, then CSD is the most trusted place available with a team of expert dentists.  

When it comes to teeth whitening, there are hundreds of products available in the market. If you have gone through the Teeth Whitening process, here we have listed down a few ways to keep your teeth white forever after the teeth whitening procedure.  

Ways to Keep your Teeth White after Teeth Whitening  

  1. Avoid Artificial Coloring  

Don’t go with the artificial coloring after the teeth whitening process. Most people go for the artificial coloring techniques which are not suitable for your teeth. Make sure you eat the right foods to keep your teeth white. If you eat a blue color fruit, your teeth will gain the same color. Try not to eat any such fruits or foods or even artificial coloring after the Teeth Whitening Process for three days.  

  1. Don’t Consume Dark Drinks  

Teeth Whitening process requires at least three days of time to fix its color to the teeth. After the process, your teeth will attract stains. You should not consume dark drinks after the process. Dark drinks such as coffee, tea, dark juices of grapes, cranberry, wine, soda, etc. should be avoided for four days after the Teeth Whitening Process.  

Most dentists advise you to stay away from dark drinks for three days. Water and Milk would be the ideal drinks for the first three days after the Teeth Whitening Process. If you can’t live without Coffee or Tea in the morning, minimize the number of contact teeth with the drink.  

  1. Avoid Smoking  

Smoking is another way to stain your teeth after Teeth Whitening. If possible, avoid smoking for four days after the Teeth Whitening Process. If you can’t avoid it for three days, try to smoke as little as possible. Smoking welcomes plenty of oral health issues along with the deadliest disease, I.e., Cancer. If you smoke a lot, you should limit it. There are many other ways to fulfill your smoking desires such as e-cigarette or vapor. You can easily avoid smoking by adopting these smoking methods.  

  1. Don’t touch the Acidic Drinks

Acidic Drinks have a lot of health benefits for your entire body. They produce saliva and keeps your teeth healthy. However, they also wash away enamel from the layer of your teeth which make them more susceptible to stains. Your teeth whitening process will fade away in a couple of days if you consume acidic drinks after the process. You can enjoy acidic drinks occasionally, just consume it moderately.  

  1. Chew Sugarless Gums

Chewing gums come with a lot of benefits for your health and teeth. There is a huge number of Gums available in the market from which, you need to pick the Sugarless Gums. Yes, Sugarless Gums are very good for your teeth. Studies have shown that chewing gum after having your meal will keep your teeth white forever.  

When you chew a pack of gum, it will produce more saliva in your mouth which rinses your teeth naturally. It will also keep your mouth fresh and free from bad odors. Dentists recommend their patients to chew a piece of gum at least for 20 minutes after the meal.  

  1. Brush your Teeth thoroughly

Expert dentists recommend their patients to brush their teeth thoroughly twice a day. If you don’t brush up your teeth for twice in a day, you should start doing it from today itself. Brushing up your teeth will lower down the development of plaque and other harmful bacteria. Besides this, you should visit your family dentist twice a year who can check up the health of your teeth. Dentists have special tools to remove bacteria and other food particles which you can’t clear with a normal brush.  


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