How to Earn Extra £1,000 per Month with Little Effort

Earn Extra £1,000 per Month

Many people desire to find ways they can use to earn an extra £1,000 per month. For some, this could be a life-changing, while for others, it would be a great supplement to their regular jobs or sources of income. Luckily, there are a myriad of ways through which one can easily earn this amount and even surpass it if they are willing to put in the work, And kindly note that we are not talking about going to gamble in casino Kiwi for quick profits. Some of the ways you can use to realize this income include-:

  • Renting your spare room
  • Earning through eBay
  • Renting your driveway
  • Disney Vault Secret
  • Subletting your house
  • Setting up a website
  • Selling home organizing services
  • Pet sitting/babysitting
  • Downloading apps
  • Offering tutoring services

Selling on eBay

Selling on eBay

Selling on eBay has been used by thousands of people not just to create supplemental income, but as full-time jobs which have gone to generate millions of pounds in revenue. The versatility of eBay allows you to sell virtually anything, ranging from ordinary household items like furniture and utensils to electronics and even heavy machinery. This is why, if used in the right manner, it is a potent method of generating additional £1000 per month. On eBay, there are two models of selling-: auction Vs. Buy Now.

Auction Vs. Buy Now


With the auction approach, you list your items on eBay then choose a starting price after which the people interested in the item will start to bid on it. The auction will run for the number of days you will specify while creating the listing, and the item will be sold to the highest bidder once the auction duration is over.


  • A good potential of making more money than predicted
  • You can determine the end date for the auction


  • You have to wait until the end of the auction to know if the item sold
  • It may take slightly longer to sell the item

Buy Now

With the Buy Now approach, you create the listing and set a fixed price that whoever is interested in the item must pay. The listing duration for Buy Now items on eBay has a maximum duration of one month, and if the listing is not sold within that time, it will be relisted automatically until it sells or until you remove it.


  • The item can sell very fast
  • The listing attract a lot of interest


  • You can’t make more other than the set fixed price

How to sell on eBay

Here is a brief process on how you can make maximum profits by selling on eBay

  • Take high-quality product pictures – if you want to sell fast and for good prices on eBay, then you must take high-quality product photos for your listings. The photos must illustrate the most important components of the products and which would make people interested in them. Again, you should provide more than one photo to show the product from different angles.
  • Research – Your chances of being a successful seller on eBay will depend on your ability to research and find high-quality products that people are searching. Once you get the product, you must also choose an appropriate price point so that you don’t scare away potential buyers at higher prices.

Another secret to making over £1000 on eBay is to list multiple items so that you have increased chances of getting a sale. It is a number’s game and the more items you list, the higher your chances of selling them.

Rent your spare room

If you have an extra room you don’t use often; you can easily turn it into a spare room then rent it out. There will always be people in need of a room at all times, and this is a nice way to ensure you have some change coming in from a room you don’t use quite often. Depending on your actual location and the demand for a room in that area, you could make more or less than £1000 per month, but the truth is that you shall have added another source of income.

Rent your driveway

Just like renting your spare room, if you have extra space on your driveway, you could do a similar thing with it. This can be particularly lucrative if you are in busy places where lots of activities happen at night. In such places, people are usually in endless search of safe parking lots when they are going for a night out, and if you can provide them with one, they will be glad to pay, and in no time, you could be fetching more than £1000 from your once empty and idle driveway.

Become a taxi driver

There is no denying that Friday/Saturday nights usually witness a large number of people going out and all of these people don’t have cars. If you are courageous enough and you can afford some time over the weekends, you can easily turn into a taxi driver and help revelers get to their joints and then help them get back home once the night out is over. You could easily make over £200 every weekend, excluding tips, and at the end of the month, you will have some extra money added to your regular income.

The Disney Vault Secret

This is a marketing method used by Disney which restricts the number of their classics available and at what times. It is a rotational program where the movies are locked away for a maximum period of between eight and ten years before they are relaunched. It is an easy way to earn extra money, only that it may take a long time before you spend the money. If this method appeals to you, then follow keenly what is currently inside the vault and what will be launching soon.

Babysitting/pet sitting

This is one of the common ways to earn extra money. You can decide to babysit for friend and family or other people and get paid for every hour of babysitting. You can also sit pets or walk pets then be paid an hourly rate. It is a no-brainer, and all you need is your time.

Downloading Apps

There are a plethora of websites you can get paid just to download and install apps. Some of the companies you can check out for these include Swagbucks, MySurvey, Global Test Market, InstaGC, etc. The good news is that the money you earn from downloading apps is deposited directly into your PayPal account.

Set up a website

You can set up a website then start selling or blogging online then monetize the website using various methods. This can be a very lucrative way to make a lot of money online, only that you will have to learn how to do it correctly and be patient because it can sometimes take a lot of time.


There are a plethora of ways to earn extra income, both online and offline. Some are relatively easy such as downloading apps, while others are a bit challenging such as starting your website or selling on eBay. Simply do your research and find a method you are comfortable with and implement for extra income at the end of every month.


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