How to Choose a Drum Set for Kids?


Learning an instrument is a skill that is admired by many. If you are able to play an instrument then you have a skill, which many others in the room do not have. Learning to play an instrument helps to improve the physical development of the child.

Learning to play instruments at a young age has its plus points, a child is able to learn how to play the instrument quicker than a grown up because adults are set in their ways and it is harder to break the traits and to learn new ones. It is for reasons like these that parents of young children encourage them to take up an instrument. It also helps the child’s attention span and physical development apart from developing the academic skills.

The drum is one such musical instrument that a lot of young people lean towards, especially boys. This may be due to the influence music has on our day-to-day life. If you are a parent who does not have much musical knowledge and is looking to buy a drum set for kids, then you might need a few tips. This article is like a kids drum buying guide that could help you in making the right decision.

Age of the child

So, your child wants to learn to play drums and you want to buy it for them. The first thing that the mind will go to is the age of the child. If they are around the age of three then you might want to buy a toy drum set for them. If your child is 8 years old or around that age then it is the best time to get them started professionally. It is easier for them to learn the hand techniques as they generally do not have a dominant hand at that point.

Depending on the age of the child, the drum sets vary. For example, junior drum sets are perfect for kids from the age of three to seven.


Before you get excited and take the leap into buying a drum set for the kid, you should give it some time. Kids at their age find anything and everything very exciting. Although that is great, majority of the time their attention shifts to the next thing, which means that there is a good chance that the drum set might be collecting dust after a while.

Electric drum set

One thing about drum sets is that they are quite loud. Another thing that you may not know about drums is that the sound can be pretty annoying when the person is learning to play them. If your kid is sure about learning to play the drums then you could invest in the electronic option. Not only is the noise comparatively less but there also are options where you could record as well. Plus, there are different effects that you could use. The kid can play as much as they like, the noise is not nearly as much as a normal drum would produce.


There are a lot of other factors that play a significant role in choosing a drum set like the quality of construction of the drum and where you would store it. A drum set made of good quality would last you for a long time whereas you will need  the right place to properly put down the drum set as you don’t want to trip over it every time you walk by.


No matter, which option you go with, as long as you and the kid enjoy the process, it will be worth it. Even if drumming is something that the kids don’t do throughout their life, it will be a memory that they will hold close to their hearts. For as long as the kid chooses to play the drums, it will help in enhancing their hand-eye coordination among many other useful skills.


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