How Start as a Freelancer?


Hi how are you ? Now a days all world are changing.Everything are coming to close.Online earning or freelancing  are now popular.You can join with it.For somedays I am noticing there are many post on how to register , how to bid & how to get work.Bangladeshi people are joining  to earn .You can from my post. Those who can programming ,web designing ,engineering,graphic  dsign,3D animation,audio/video editing,downloading,article writing ,they will get job at freelancing site easily.

But those can not these work ,what they will do ? They think they are unable to earn.They can learn to earn from my post.My tutorials will help you .Kindly read my post & make yourself ready to earn.  There are a lots of works at different freelanching site.Among them one is Link Building.   There are many parts of link building such as Forum Posting,Blog Comments,Profile Create,Bookmarking,Directory Submission etc.

I am earning through this.These tasks are not much difficult. Anyone who wants to earn can do these works.Who wants to learn for their ,they can do this.  Firstly this work may be not easy,but it will be more easier day by day.If you are interested I am waiting to learn you. Stay with my tutorials.

Imagine you have worked all night inonline, you are preparing yourselves to sleep or you  are ready to go outside to meet your girl friend or you are busy for many days this day you are free so you want to see a popular movie or you are waiting to visit with your friend. In that moment you have got an email from a client,

Hi Z,
How are you doing today? I have a simple job for you. I need you to finish this job within 5 hours. Let me know if you are available.

It’s little urgent!


After it you are giving a reply

Hello P,
I am doing great today! How about you? Yes, I am available and starting now. I hope this will be finished within 5 hours. I will let you know when I finish.



Yes! Those who reply this is called freelancer.

N.B :If there is any misword sorry for that.Kindly do not use wrong/bad description of this post.Many people think who are freelancer or who does outsourcing from  their home is easy.To remove their wrong idea this is my post.

It true,my post is not a definition,it is just real condition.