How Can You Make Money Through Your Writings


Do you write good ? Have you tried yet ?

Writing is one kind of creativity.It shows our talent,our imagination .Many days ago there was not many writers,but now for internet there are many writers.How it is ? Facebook,blog,forum…………….

It is hardly seen to locate anyone who does not write anything in facebook,blog ,forum.There are many ways to earn  in online.If you believe you are a good enough to show your quality you can earn as part time or fulltime writer.

Bangladesh,India ,Pakistan & many other country are now feeling proud for their writers.New writers are also earning through content.

You can ask how you will write.If you think about language you can write both your own language & english.If you are expert of any other language it will be plus point for you.Though you are not native speker ,its not cause to write good one.

English :As like others all things are english in online.It is not need to tell that you can earn more if you write in english.Though many people know normal english ,they are not incouraged for online writing.We think  we should write as native speaker.Its wrong idea.English is for all.An english content may read indian,Nepali s like british & american.So its not mandatory to write as native.But it should have any grammartical & punctuation mistake .You have to follow grammar. Such as

I am having hard time understanding you.But you can write this sentence as I am not able to understand you.I will write other tutorial on how to earn by english writing.