Common Household Problems That Need Inventions to Solve


I believe you have plenty of problems in your house that you wish you had solutions to. I this posting, I will address 5 household problems that I am sure you are facing as well as present to you solutions that are simple and will amaze you.

These are simple hacks that will make your work easier around your house. Whether you are cleaning, washing, cooking or simply tidying the house.

We always have trouble filling up a bucket that would not fit the sink. This brings us much trouble as we have to walk out of the house, and fill in the bucket or go to the bathtub for this. But this problem is sorted out if we simply use a clean dustpan. This is how it should be done.

Tips to Make Best Out of Your Home

When on a paint job in your house or kid’s tree house, you realize how messy it is when using a brush, when you try to remove excess paint from the brush using the tin’s side frame, it spills out of the can and gets messy. From now henceforth, make use of the rubber bands in your house and you will not have this problem again. See how it’s done.

It’s always a problem for me when my wallpapers keep unrolling. But since I learn about using my toilet paper roll, they have always been intact and never rolled out, all you have to do it cut open the toilet rolls vertically.

When flip flops get a slit on their holes, they become useless and one can hardly walk in them. To avoid this, you could use the loaf clips.

When drinking from a can of soda with a straw, you realize that the straw keeps rising from the drink. To avoid this, put the straw through the tab.