Household Items Cleaning Tips


Nothing compares to the feeling of getting into bed with clean sheets or wraps you in a fluffy towel when leaving the shower. But how long is that feeling? One day? Two? A week, maybe? The truth is that we all know that we should wash frequently the so-called “white linen” of the home, but we can have doubts when it comes to knowing what the ideal frequency to enjoy maximum hygiene is. In any case, you must bear in mind that it will never be harmful to wash sheets and towels before necessary and in any case will result in greater hygiene and comfort in your home.

Let’s see case by case:

As for the towels, it depends on the use and the season of the year. For example, the towels that we use in the gym should be washed after each use since apart from being stained with our own sweat they have probably been in contact with mats, machines and appliances that other users have used.

If we talk about household towels, which we use for the bathroom, on the one hand we will have to take into account the weather and the time of year. The ideal is that after each uses the towels dry in the air quickly, as this will prevent them from accumulating moisture that then leads to unpleasant odors. On sunny days or warmer days it will be easier, but in the winter months it will take longer to dry. The solution may be to use the dryer, on the one hand or an electric towel rail. Depending on how long it takes to dry the towels after the bath, we will have to change them for clean ones every 2-4 days. Although the obvious sign that we need to replace the towels in the bathroom is to start smelling, even if we have only used one day.

The hand towels of bathrooms should be washed more often as they are usually used by all the inhabitants of the house and are exposed to germs and dirt from the sink and toilet. Likewise, the bath mat should be replaced very frequently.

As for beach or pool towels, we should wash them after each use, as they are in direct contact with dirt (sand, grass, earth,) and moisture. In any case, if we decide to reuse them, we should not keep them in the drawer with clean towels.

On the other hand, if we talk about sheets, the ideal frequency would be every week, unless we talk about special cases. For example, if a baby or a small child sleeps in an occasional leak. Or if there is someone sick at home. In times of high heat, it is also advisable to wash the sheets more frequently because of the night sweats and the direct contact of the sheets with our skin.

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Efficiency of Housekeeping Service Sectors

The significance of housekeeping services are growing day by day. It is credited to be one of the most widely known service sector. Today most of the companies and homes hire the services of this particular sector to fulfill various requirements.


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