Home Remedies Helping To Keep Depression At Bay

Ayurvedic products

All of us are obvious to the fact that depression is posing to be a common problem, for many of us who are struggling to cope up with symptoms of insomnia, stress and anxiety. For some it could be a day to day problem, but in the long run they can pose to be a major issue. As per the inputs of WHO depression is one of the leading causes of disability and ill health worldwide. In fact more than 300 million people are dealing with depression and the number is expected to rise in the days to come. The stigma and fear associated with this form of treatment has not people helped people to seek the right course of treatment. The choice of top Ayurvedic products might not be a bad idea. This is not going to be a sure shot cure of depression but it can alleviate and slow down the symptoms. The user of Ayurveda herbs helps to heel the body in more than a single way. Once depressed the feel good factors are not competent in dealing with any situation.

The use of Ayurvedic products can reduce depression in the following ways


Due to the presence of active compounds the symptoms of depression and anxiety is reduced. Normally stress occurs due to emotional and physical fatigue which is reduced by consumption of this herb. The constant situation of mood swings is avoided and can help to combat issues of mental alertness, concentration and focus. You can consume it in liquid or oral form.


An age old popular herb that has the reputation of dealing with depression. Working as an adaptogen, it helps the body to cope or adapt to new situations. When consumed you become calm and are freed from anxiousness and anxiety.


For centuries the use of this herb exists. This goes on to deal with problems of the central nervous system. The presence of menthol because the freeze nerves are calmed and provides a cooling effect. Being a rich source of vitamin A and C, the list of minerals include potassium, manganese, iron and folate. Menthol helps to deal with insomnia as it calms your mind and allows you to sleep in peace.


Also referred to as Peruvian Gingseng. This is an herb that is power packed with nutrients. At the same time it is a vital source of amino acids, vitamins, minerals along with phytonutrients paving to increase stamina and decease your excess anxiety levels. This plant belongs to the radish family this works its magic as a natural healer coping with neurotransmitter production and hormone due to the excessive production of the hormone adaptive. In addition maca is a natural energizer which helps people to overcome lethargy.

The best part about Ayurveda treat is that it is devoid of any side effects. It is imperative that you discuss with your doctor before you go on to switch to natural remedies. This would depend upon the dosage and the form they are consumed.


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