Why need High Domain Authority social bookmarking sites with High Page Rank in 2014


At first we need to understand what Domain Authority is and what is Page Authority? After known this we understand why need high authority social bookmarking sites. According to Search Engine Optimization High Domain Authority sites brings huge benefits for ranking Keyword. So HOW we search them? Of course we find them by Domain Authority Checker and justify how we use them. How Domain Authority Increase “Related To”:
• Domain age
• Dofollow High Page Rank Link
• Post daily Unique Content
High Domain Authority brings visitors Trust and also Search Engine believes this is Trusted. When we collect High Domain Authority social bookmarking sites we must consider:

  • Domain Age
  • Number of Index Page
  • Page Rank
  • Alexa Rank

If we submit link to 20 high domain authorities (Minimum 25) for a medium competition keyword I think it should ranking in search engine. One example give here that I get success to submit for “Software Company in Bangladesh” to the High Domain Authority list.

Here Mention Some high Domain Authority and High Page Rank (PR) Social Bookmarking Site List:


Social Bookmarking List Name Page Rank Social Bookmarking List Name Page Rank
Reddit.com 8 slashdot.org 7
Folkd 6 Bibsonomy.org 7
Blinklist.com 6 felmausa.com 3
freeticketopen.com 3 milocalbuilder.com 3
url.org 3 Joyku.com 2
Humansthink.com 2 Actionsportsstock.com 2
Myus.com 5 Bookmerken.de 4
Cheerdances.com 2 a1-webmarks.com 4
Spider-robot.com 2 Getwhatnext.com 2
factson37.com 4 Icebreak.co 3
Jodohkita.info 4 Silangmemoirs.com 3
Fark 7 Plurk.com 7
Cyberplea.com 3 Bookmark4you.com 3
A2zbookmarks.com 3 Bookmark2you.com 3
Decadeofseo.com 3 Prbookmarks.com 3
Zabox.net 3 Sociopost.com 2