Heart bleed Bug attack: Advice to Change internet password


Internet security is a burning issue in recent time. In recent time some technological organization identifies various harmful events about internet security. For this reason they suggest all internet users to change their password as soon as possible. Tumblr , Blogging platform of yahoo suggests all internet users to change their password specially, e-mail, file storage, and banking related passwords. Advisors identify this type of problem as Heart bleed Bug.

Heart bleed bug captures all the data from open SSL by which security provided to the data of general people. Open SSL is a favorite cryptographic library which synchronizes all data and provides digital security.

One of Finis organization, security wings of Google security and codenomic observes that, millions of user faces insecure due to some hole in open SSL. Hackers find out the password of different accounts. So users may attacked by hackers anytime.

Ari Takayen, Head of Condenmikon said: when users give password at their account, it may happen the password is already stolen. In this case the only and best way is to change password after at least one (01) month.