Have you tried this App for Video Downloading?


For those who love to watch video on different platforms, the main problem is getting them on their device. Usually to watch the video, one has to go on a specific platform and watch it. If the net connection is not available or there is no proper connectivity, it can be difficult to watch the video. In such case one can watch it only if it is there on the device. However, these platforms do not permit to have the videos downloaded by the viewers and even if one wants to have it, the same can be on the cloud of the site or platform only. Hence one cannot view it offline or go for sharing the same on different sites of messengers.

However, now, with the help of video fetching apps, it is made possible to have any video on the device of the user. For this, one needs to get the video fetching app, which can really work. On the play store, one can find some apps, but their efficiency is doubtful. The moment the video lovers want to go for the app, the best option that comes forward is the vidmate apps which are available on its site 9apps. It is the app which is efficient to pull the video from any platform, but one cannot find it on the play store.

Download the app:

If one wants to download the same, he needs to go to the site and click on the given link for the download of the app. The app can be downloaded in a few seconds, and it gets installed automatically. As the app is not verified by the Android, it may show a threat that the app can damage the device, but one can ignore it as the app is much safer.

Get the video:

The installation of the app may take a few minutes, and once the installation is done, the user can start using it. It has a special space provided for the pasting of the link of the video that one needs to download. To have the video link, one can go to the platform and check it. One can copy the link and paste on the app, which can drive the same to the concerned video and fetch the same to the device. Hence getting an app has been made easier now.

The user can see that if the link is not a correct one, he may be shown an error. Hence the user must check the link before going for pasting the same. There are many videos on the sites which can help one learn different skills, but they cannot be shared with other devices which can be possible if one can have them on his device. Once the videos are on the device, one can save them on his cloud or share on his site as well as the sites of social media also. One can also send them to other users who also love such videos.


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