Guidelines for best CV template


Resume is an effective personal marketing tool of an individual. It should be highlighted by your own skills and achievements that will attract potential employers. Some important tips are provided for preparing your resume more attractive:

Use Numbers:

  • You can quantify your achievements, such as Dollars you may save or number of people under your supervision.
  • Spell out numbers for numerical data.

Keep it Simple:

  •  Job title should easily understandable to reader. For example: Tax Accountant vs. Account Specialist II.
  •  Use familiar words; don’t use such words that will bother to your reader.
  •  Use bullet instead of number in case of pointing. Such as you need to write five (5) extra curricular activities, in this case you can use any bullet sign instead of serial number 1-5.

Follow the right form:

  • Avoid using same action verb.
  • In case of describing present situation use present tense and describing past situation use past tense.
    • Use same font and also same font size for whole CV excluding heading.
    • · Use same bullets in whole resume.
    • Keep the length of one to two pages.
    • Use same alignment.


  •  Use recent two (2) passport size photograph.
  •  The photo must be printed in glossy paper.
  •  Use formal dress at the time of taking your photo.

Update It:

  • Update your resume every six months, even if you aren’t actively looking for a job.
  • You should update resume with the changes of any status changes of you. Such as, educational qualification changes, Job changes, Job rotation etc.
  • Update your job experience each month because the job experience rises each month.

 Make it attractive:

  •  Use standard 8-2/x 11inch paper for your resume.
  •  Use soft colors in resume especially for scanning and copying purpose.
  •  Envelope should match with your resume size.
  •  Use font that is easy to understand. Such as Times New Roman, Curier New etc.
  • Font size should between 10- 12.
  • Highlight each section with bold that may seems different from general writings.
  • Use single space for each line and double space for paragraph and section.
  • Make sure you keep one (1) inch margin in top of your resume are not less than 1.5 inch another three (3) sides.
  • See the printing paper in the light and see a watermark of the brand name. Keep the water mark side up when printing your resume.
  •  Send your resume in a 9×12 inch envelope so it doesn’t need to fold your resume.

Download Best Template of Curriculum Vitae.