The Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Nitrile Gloves


When it comes to investing in disposable gloves, nothing beats the unique versatility of the nitrile gloves. One of the many reasons why nitrile gloves are rising in popularity list is because of their premium quality material construction that makes them of universal utilization for medicinal, lab, and commercial purposes. Known for possessing the similar attributes as of the natural latex gloves, the nitrile gloves are also decked with their own gamut including the dexterity, flexibility, and conferring a secure and snug fit.

Using nitrile gloves for your experiment has many value-added benefits including the prevention of allergic reactions due to prolonged usage, owing to its synthetic rubberized properties. In order to experience the numerous benefits of nitrile gloves, you should be aware of the buyer’s guide to choosing the best nitrile gloves for performing your delicate experiments with ease:

Know the Difference between Exam and Industrial

Best Nitrile GlovesWhile picking the right nitrile gloves for your application, the first thing to consider is the different categories of nitrile gloves. There are two forms of nitrile gloves – the industrial and the exam grade. The major determining factor when it comes to choosing in between the two grade of the nitrile gloves is how you are going to put the gloves into use. The industrial grade nitrile gloves are ideal for performing functions that involve the monitoring of harsh chemicals and solvents. Some of the major industries that use the industrial grade nitrile gloves are janitorial, automotive, and other chemical industries. The main attributes of these kinds of gloves are that they are exceptionally chemical-resistant and possess an extremely high level of puncture resistance.

The medical or the exam grade nitrile gloves are perfect for surroundings where there is a high risk of environmental contaminants and blood-borne pathogens. The most common places where the medical grade gloves are used include laboratories, dental offices, and hospitals. The medical grade gloves have to stand out on the guidelines laid out by the FDA that ensures their premium strength, endurance, and barrier.


The thickness of the nitrile gloves varies from each other depending on their grades and applications. While the industrial grade nitrile glove has to endure the harsh environments, which explains their extremely thick construction, the medical grade nitrile gloves are known for their dexterity and flexibility, which renders a comfortable and snug fit, ensuring high breathability.

Texture and Finish

Speaking of having a better grip of your nitrile glove, it is important to consider the gloves that are attuned in a textured pattern particularly on the fingers and palms region. This is important to watch out for as it provides a firm grip in both dry and wet state. Opt for the nitrile gloves that have a chlorinated coating which will prevent stickiness and confer easy wear and removal of the gloves from your hands.

Concluding Thoughts

While there are also other factors such as powdered finish over the nitrile gloves, make sure that you consider these main factors before buying your next set of disposable nitrile gloves. Choosing the ideal pair of gloves will provide you with the best ability to perform your work.

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