How growth your babies mentally and healthy?


Mentally growth and healthy growth of baby: 

Here we   shall get many formula of healthy baby. We will expect to our entire baby will be strong bone, balance health & will be appropriate mentally growth. So we will follow this formula.

At first, i feel seem to be your baby kept neat and clean so that    they could not attack different kinds of virus & bacteria. As a result they will get mentally happiness & physically fitness.

growth your baby mentally and healthy
growth your baby mentally and healthy


2nd time you properly breast feeding your kids (to keep your breast neat and clean after every breast feeding). As a result your baby will get proper health. Who will get proper health they will get mentally growth.

3rd time when your baby reached 5 month you get to give egg to boiled water, some light plus water etc.

fourth time your baby reached 6 months  you have to get all kinds of vegetables, without oilly fish ,you also to get  vegetables khichuri, fish khichuri, chicken khichuri (khichuri means some plus, some rice ,some oils and others).at a time you have to get many kinds of fruits.

growth your baby mentally and healthy
Growth your baby mentally and healthy

At last to say that follow these formula you must to get appropriate physically mentally growth.