Shad Indian Restaurant: Truly an Award Winning curry House


Like many people in the Hayes area I wondered, could this city continue to support so many Indian-oriented dining establishments? Seeing Shad Indian for many years pass by, truly it’s amazing what it has achieved since its opening two decades ago. Shad in short, a contemporary Indian restaurant central London is really more of a hub for restaurants at Tooley Street. The establishment is custom-built for fine dining.

 It’s not an average Indian restaurant with fancy name or menu, but a restaurant with the motto for fine dining experience. Bright and airy, it has big space, large windows that look out upon the road and an understated soothing theme. The Owner and his team are able servers and cooks are professional, making patrons feel immediately at home.

contemporary Indian restaurant Heathrow west London

The Shad Indian has a good experienced management and a friendly vibe. A narrow corridor, with tables along one side, continues to link the front of the establishment to the lounge, but the large street-side room has a bright view.

 The drink menu extends beyond beer to whiskey and wine. The Indian ala carte food menu while dominated by Indian cuisine, offers a good selection of traditional dishes and chef’s special, plus some of the best Balti dishes in the area. There’s no doubt that curry are the prime culinary attraction. The menu lists 14 choices of dishes, from some basic Indian curry dish to rare signature dishes.

 It would be an injustice if I didn’t say about my experience with my friend. Shad was no disappointment. Our menu was a bit long and we were hungry after the long flight from Belfast. We were looking for places to eat near London Bridge and we tried almost all traditional Indian food menu here.


 NAZAKAT (“Very tender pieces of chicken skewered and grilled, delicately spiced and succulent” £4.95) and Lamb TIKKA (£3.60) were Pieces of lamb lightly spiced and grilled in a tandoori oven. It was not the usual portions we got in restaurants and here they were generous.

 ALOO CHAT (£3.95), a favorite of my companion, a daily special. The best thing about these Potato slices cooked in a tangy sauce with lemon and served on a puree and good flavor too.

 North Indian Dish:

Looking over the menu North Indian dish intrigued my companion, with much thought, decided to order GARLIC CHILLI LAMB (lamb with hot spices, £8.45) with Nan (£2.10) it was a delight to our tongue.

 Biryani Dish:

I was never a fan of duck much but the dish my friend ordered, HASH BIRYANI DUCK (£10.45). I was a new convert. Cooked with Pilau rice and served with a portion of vegetable curry, garnished with tomatoes, cucumber and a hint of coriander as the menu suggested, I was overwhelmed with the taste and texture. I would say Shad really turned me to love lamb from now on.

 What a day it was! There is better Indian food menu list of this type maybe somewhere else, but there may be no place that serves dishes of this standard for a more reasonable price. I couldn’t agree more with the awards it has been winning for the past couple of years in a row.