5 Tips to Give Your House a New Look & More

give house new look

Decorating a house seems easier especially if the person has a lot of money to do that. In this era, most people use social media and other online platforms with which they can find different ways to make their house look like their dream house but the real challenge which people face is decorating a house in a minimum budget and with prominent outcomes.

Most people like to keep their houses spacious and elegant with a touch of luxury and to implement change in the house, they try to change the décor which is most prominent. Changing the whole interior of the house can be time consuming and expensive, so people prefer to make a few changes such as curtains of their house for a different look.

Selection of curtains

When it comes to selecting curtains for a house, consider the look you want to give to your house. The color and design of the curtains matter a lot to make a room look open, wide and bright, rather than make it look dark and close. There is a range of colors and prints of curtains which can be found out at interior decorator shops such as like these curtain makers.

The curtain makers also provide a sample image about how a specifically designed curtain should be hung and in which room; it will look the best which can give you a very broad understanding of house decorating. The curtain makers also provide interior decorating services to their customers to make things easier and they give the service of designing from bedrooms to the kitchen.

The selected curtain should look part of the house and match the theme. Most people select the curtains which match the old décor and still make the house look new which can only happen with the most expert blend of old décor with a new one.

Adding New Items in Bedrooms

If you want to give a new look to your house but do not want to overdo it especially in the bedroom, it is best to add some extra cushioning in your beds.

Piling beds with cushions and soft pillows is not only comfortable but it also provides a very luxurious and cosy look to the house. But the cushions need to be organized expertly and in a clean manner to actually give a good look to the bedroom.  If not organized, it will only make the bedroom look messy and dirty.

Interior designers can provide the best cushion cloth to match with the selected curtains to give the décor a blended look and to prevent decorating items look out of place. Cushion piling is also a very good idea for the living room to add not only comfort to the house but also make it look elegant.

Matching Color of Walls and Curtains

Selecting the color of curtains is the main issue which people face while selecting curtains. If you need to give your house a new look and also make it look spacious, the most appropriate thing to do is select a contrast color of curtain with walls.

If the walls are in bright or light colours, the curtain should be dark. In the current era, plain velvet curtains without too much designing are in fashion. In case the walls are of a darker shade, the best way is to select curtains which are in double tone a mixture of light and dark.

Select Blinds Instead

If you do not like to hand curtains in your house, there is one other option which can be used and that is the use of blinds. Blinds are easier to take care of and are less expensive and also give an open and brighter look to the house.

Blinds are economically beneficial as well for those who have a tight budget. There are customized blinds for people to use and the colour of the blinds can match the colour of the walls very easily and it will still look good. Selecting blinds are easier than selecting curtains.

Printed blinds are also available and have various designs. You can choose the one that fits best with the room you decide to put them in.

Add Memory Wall with Blinds

Adding decorating matched to the blinds is not a tough task. Blinds can easily merge with the small decorating items. The best way is to add a gallery wall or a memory wall with photo frames or colorful yet elegant paintings. This type of decorating will change the ambience of the house completely yet will keep the homely feel intact.

Changing the look of your house can be exciting and you may have many ideas running through your head. There is no correct way to decorate your house, it all depends on your choice and brainstorming.


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