Best Guide to Generating Excellent Web Design Content & Integrating them with Instagram


In this digital era, you are able to come across a highly-competitive landscape and therefore, marketing experts and strategists are constantly searching creative and novel techniques for designing their marketing campaigns so that more revenues could be generated and businesses could have a stronger foothold in the industry. Every business owner must necessarily have a functional website for his business. A good website should be your top priority for drawing more traffic to your business site.

Attractive web designs would be driving more customers and potential customers and even random users who could eventually help in boosting sales and increasing business productivity. Remember Instagram is no longer merely a photo-sharing app, it is a robust marketing platform and its simplistic and minimalist designs could be doing wonders for any business. Here are some effective techniques for integrating web design into your Instagram account.

Running Carousels

Generally, users would be taking just a few seconds for deciding if they would like to purchase your product or just leave it. It is necessary to impress the users in this slim time frame. You may consider providing running carousels of photos showcasing your top products, instead of providing elaborate and excessively lengthy product descriptions that may turn off a customer’s mood totally. Use attractive and best quality images for grabbing consumer attention. People would like your post on Instagram and the users would be able to witness a fantastic running photo-stream.

Showcase products from your official website on Instagram and see how many people like and comment on them. Users often tend to buy those products that are liked by several other people. That is consumer psychology. In the website design, the carousel must be running horizontally as opposed to your Instagram page that has the photo stream running vertically. Get real Instagram followers by posting stunning pictures of your products.

New Entrepreneurs

New entrepreneurs who have started new businesses must upload pictures of their products that seem to be very popular at the early stages. Gradually, they could display other less popular products. You could examine Instagram Insights and determine which products are getting maximum likes and comments. You could share those pictures. Consider including embedded links in your specific product descriptions just below your Instagram posts that would be directing Instagram users to your official website.

Product Details

Always include embedded links in your product descriptions just below your Instagram posts that would be directing Instagram users to your official website. Instagram would be assisting you in initiating the marketing of your product but the actual purchase would be taking place on your official business website. Your website design must be intuitive and navigational. Web design must be pretty fascinating to grab the users’ attention. Your landing pages must look same as your Instagram account. Designs must look similar and use vibrant and popular background colors. All product details including prices must be mentioned.


Web design is an integral part of any business that could culminate in the ultimate success or failure of any business venture. Users take a split second in deciding what to buy and what not to. You must consider incorporating Instagram designs and pictures on your business website. Consider using the photo stream of Instagram just like an adapted running photo carousel. Make your website more attractive to help in generating more user interest.

Author Bio: Daniel Mattei is an SMM expert at a digital marketing consultancy firm. He comes up with a number of interesting and informative blogs and advises his readers to boost the number of real Instagram followers to build a robust online presence.


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