Gem Nakshatra in Hyderabad is a Perfect Home Solution as a Ready to Move in Property

Gem Nakshatra

Searching for the right house to live in can be a challenging exercise for first-time home buyers. You have to figure out various parameters like cost of construction, EMI , stamp duties, etc. while finalising your dream house.

Thankfully, your search for the perfect home in Hyderabad is just right around the corner- Gem Nakshatra. This is a ready to move in property and an ideal home solution if you are wanting to move in right away.

Why is a ready-to-move in property an ideal home solution?

There are several reasons why a ready-to-move-in house is better than a flat/apartment under construction.

1. Final Price- You know exactly how much you have to pay for your ready-made apartment. There is a very little chance of hidden prices or post-shifting prices because all factors (labour, materials etc.) have been taken into account.

2. Change in housing policies- Sometimes, homeowners of ‘under construction flats’ lose their hard-earned money because of sudden changes in policies regarding housing or urban development. This eventuality doesn’t arise in case of ready to move-in properties like Gem Nakshatra.

3. Litigation – Many a time, when people book an ‘under construction flat’, they could end up paying more if the concerned property happens to be under litigation. With ready-made flats, you get a furnished space, with a price inclusive of furnishings and without any legal hassles. In properties under legal battles, a customer may even end up losing the flat despite the payment.

4. No deception, more clarity – You pay for what you see in case of ready properties. Also, with a ready housing complex, you can find out about nearby facilities like markets, schools, bus stops, and other facilities.

5. Freedom from rent – As soon as you move into your ready apartment, you stop paying rent and all you have to pay is the equated monthly instalments on your home loan. However, if you have purchased a house under construction, you may have to pay rent as well as EMI. This could drain your resources quickly.

6. Tax benefits – Saving on tax can be a critical reason to go in for a ready-made flat. If you are living in your own house on EMIs, you can save on your tax liabilities.

7. Low risk – Since the builder acquires all clearances from the government and regulatory authorities, there is little or no risk attached to a ready-to-move-in property.

It can help to conduct thorough research on builders and check for reviews on other construction projects. Alternately, you may want to inquire about the structure and material with your builder directly.

Arranging for money

There are several readymade villas in Hyderabad available for you to choose. If you are looking for affordable home loan, you can reach out to NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv Homes & Loans. Buying a readymade house for sale in Hyderabad city has never been this easier.


Gem Nakshatra offers readymade properties to all those who want to lead their lives comfortably. Gone are the days when you would have to worry about rent and EMIs. As soon as you shift into one of the many readymade properties in Hyderabad, you can stop paying rent and start saving on taxes. Indeed, having a ready to move in property can be the best home solution in Hyderabad.


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