Features That Are Going To Take Over The Market In The Upcoming Years!

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We are now nearly in the mid of the year 2019, and we are sure to expect some of the great devices from the big smartphone manufacturers to affordable android phone manufacturers. But there are some technologies which are anticipated to become a part of this world anytime soon. So today in this article we are mentioning some of the technologies which are not very far away from reaching our hands.

5G phones

It could be possible that you might be struggling with 4G or LTE speeds in some parts of the world, but 5g technology is just around the corner, whether you are ready for it or not. While the mobile infrastructure for this technology might be in the foundation stage, many companies are going to use this as a highlighting feature for their upcoming flagship models. There will be many advantages which you will get with this technology. Of course, better uploading and downloading speed and also you will not lose the signal in crowded places like stadium and airports. So this technology is not far away, so don’t be surprised when you see 5G while unboxing a smartphone.

Foldable Phones

They might be chunky, they might be expensive, but these foldable phones are soon going to become part of the market this year. This pocket-friendly phone will get huge popularity when it will be launched in the market. We will be waiting for this technology to come in our hands.

The work with the notch

It seemed like no smartphone manufacturer company gave much thought to the notch in the smartphones. But since the release of iPhone X, in 2017, it has become a very big deal for the smartphone manufacturers. We can see in the phones after that the most of them have very less space for the notch and the bezels are nearly reduced to a minimum. The fingerprint sensor is being pushed to the rear of the phone and some phones are also having an inbuilt fingerprint sensor on the screen. Overall, we are not finished seeing the evolution of the notches and there is so much to come next.

Many more camera lenses to come

The smartphone manufacturers are taking the number of cameras as a direct relation to the popularity of smartphones. This started with dual camera lenses which were followed by a triple camera lens phone to quad camera lens device. It is also speculated that some smartphone manufacturers are designing the smartphone with 16 camera lenses. Surely this is going to revolutionize the camera ability of the smartphone. This indeed is an exciting feature which when come to the will make a nice swirl in it.

Added artificial Intelligence

AI is playing an important role in the advanced features of the smartphones and this role is going to get bigger and bigger in the upcoming years. We will expand the usage of this technology and use it for the better of ourselves.

So wait for some time, when you are going to buy Android mobile phone and look for these advanced features to become part of your new smartphone.


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