Problems in family life what solution we should!


We know”Blood is thicker than the water”. But now a days, this sentence is totally false in this earth. At present money relations is better than blood connection.Who doesn’t give much money their family, family cut off the blood connection with them.

I feel seem to be at present this occurrence to consist at sub-continent. Now -a days majority person realize money is everything in their life. As a result many educated person face many unwanted problem in their family life or social life.Most of educated person can’t earn much money, so they feel mental sock or torture to their family even father,mother and brother.

As a result most of educated person practice various crime. I feel seem to be it happened because of lack of suitable or proper jobs. So educated person can’t reach suitable place, which they want.

We see in sub-convenient phd holder in economics doing job in marketing field. So what can they do or what they earn? My question to you- What you says in this situations?