Eight Ways to Personalize A New Home


New beginnings and fresh starts inspire many as they are beautiful and offer hope. It is just like nature giving you another chance to make better decisions and live a better life. When we talk about shifting to a new home, it is a very mixed feelings kind of event. You are nostalgic about your previous home and tensed about how to turn this new place into a home that you are comfortable in. This article is going to make things easier for you. This will enlist eight amazing ways for you to give a customized and elegant look to your home.

  1. Paint your heart out

One of the easiest ways to give a personal touch to your new home is to paint it in a way that is in line with your temperament and choice. You can start from painting the exterior of your house with not very usual colours but with the ones that you love. This will make your home stand out as well. Then you can spread your flamboyance to the front door and fences. Last but not the least, the interior, which holds the key about what kind of ambiance you are going to offer to your family members and visitors. You can even have multiple colours on different walls of the same room. Just play with different hues and see where they take you.

  1. Name Plate

Having an elegant name plate with your family name will give a warm and welcoming vibe to your house guests. This can be written in fancy colors in cursive writing to appear more vintage. Using your family name instead of just of the head will add a more homely and customized feel. So you can go with ‘Clarksons’, ‘Salvatores’, etc.

  1. Hang Family Photos

It is quite a trend to hang abstract artistic wall paintings in our living rooms. Those, certainly, add grace to your place, however, for a more customized look, you must add your personal photos on display. These can include your childhood photos, you family photos, friends’ photos, etc. These photos will be about you and hence, the place will give your own vibe too. You can have them coloured, black and white or edited for more touches. The best of custom home builders will suggest you something like this too.

  1. Display Fresh Flowers

Another way to give your home a fresh and homely look is to put fresh flowers in your vases. You can pick flowers of any kind that suit you and display them. This can become something distinct to your home too because not a lot of people do that. This idea will brighten up the aura of your place. However, make sure you do some research on keeping the flowers fresh for the longest time beforehand. Get more info here.

  1. Rugs

Roll out some beautiful and chic rugs to present an extra cozy and personalized vibe of your place. You have a myriad of options to choose from; there are fluffy ones, furry ones, bamboo ones, etc. Besides the stuff, the designs are in a wide range as well. Some tribal prints, marble layered patterns or any other can be selected as per your choice. They can also be hung on walls too. Read more here.

  1. Fragrance

First of all, it is extremely necessary that your house is clean all the time. You must not let it clutter up and look nasty. Now when your house is all squealy clean, it is time for a signature fragrance to be spread in your home. You must select a fragrance and use it as an air freshener in your place so it is associated with your home. You can get them installed in your walls for ease too.

  1. Curtains

Curtains are responsible for giving a finishing look to the interior of your place. There are plenty of options available in the local market. It totally depends on your choice and taste. You can go with the heavy ones or mechanical blinds or even net ones. It depends on where the window is located. Sometimes, it is even advisable to use double curtains for both functional and aesthetic purposes. You can colour coordinate these curtains with the furniture and paints of the walls. Read more here.

  1. It’s all in the details

Now, work on the details as they build up to form a very substantial contribution in creating your home’s vibe. Add some decoration pieces that signify your life’s ideas and beliefs. Use more elegant cutlery, does not have to be necessarily expensive. You can also use fancier handles for your drawers and doors, add textured cardboard to the cabinets, and install alluring mirrors with impeccable designs. This will definitely add value to the overall look of your home.

So, these were some ideas to help you along the process of personalizing your new home. Try them out and take your heart along.


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