Effects of Hurricane sandy in US


Hurricane sandy in US

Recently, the hurricane sandy has hit the US and the damage caused is unspeakable. This is a natural calamity and it is always hard to go around it, we might take up measures that will lower the loss but their no way we can completely stop it. For a long time people have been campaigning on reduction of global warming and ways to curb it. However, this seems to be ignored. In addition, there are no measures in place to handle global warming, but at least we are trying.

I have mentioned global warming as it is one of the leading cause for such sandy storms and hurricanes. The US has been the latest victims from the hurricane sandy storms and some of the most affected towns are, New Jersey, and New York. They have experienced floods, deaths, damage of property and loss of infrastructure.

Effects of hurricane sandyA hurricane sandy storm will also displace people. With properties being damaged, houses are flooded and are made to collapse by the storm. This makes leaves the inhabitants with no option but to evacuate. Rendering them homeless and displaced.

You will experience power failures as well as communication distraction due to interference of the cables used in making communication transfer possible. With the recent US sandy storm, over 8.1 million homes and businesses living in the East Coast of the United States on Tuesday never had power. The outages was spread in New Jersey which was hit hard and there we other 19 states which were as well affected.

Flooding is another calamity that comes with sandy storms. The storm bring in a huge mass of water which will cause flooding on roads and inDistrict rushes states sandy farm. This will bring about disruption in transportation, and damage of farm produce. In the recent sandy storm in the USA, New York and its neighboring towns along the East and Hudson rivers in Manhattan were all under water. It is not clear what area was flooded as results of the storm but it was huge.

The financial markets are not left out; they are also affected by the sandy storm. If you are wondering why, I will explain it to you.

 First, people are unable to reach their business premises because of the flooding, power failure and telecommunications interruptions. In the US, the financial markets were suddenly closed for two days which were unplanned closures and were caused by the weather. These closures are said to cause losses to banks and it is said that it would lead to losses in tens of thousands of dollar.

Effect of hurricane sandyIn US, flooding also interfered with the second largest oil refinery in US. This station did not only suffer flooding, but they also suffered power failure, this hampered the production and refinery of oil, which is a major impact to the economy. This was not only the manufacturing plant that was affected, but there were many more manufacturing plants that were affected.

These and many more effects of the sandy storm in USA were experienced. Not only would this be affected in US alone, but would also be experienced in other countries and state that would be hit by a sandy storm. The effects would be the same, maybe the impact would differ but a storm in another part of the world would still cause, flooding, loss of life, and property and interruption in production.