Edit Ghost Mannequin Photo: Increase Your Online Sell by Skilled Invisible Effect


Ultimate ghost effect benefits to the apparel products

Edit ghost mannequin by colorclipping.com experts inputs a realistic view to the apparel products. Using mannequin for male, female or children clothing images is an efficient and inexpensive way to promote products. Here, in this article, it will be discussed that how mannequin is introduced in clothing display.

Mannequins allow apparel products to display in quality output on an e-commerce site. It increases the appearance of the product as like it is attached to the body. Customers are being easily attracted by the 3D-view of the products. Ultimately, clear ghost mannequin helps to promote products as well as business. It also helps to hold the shape of the products. Invisible ghost helps the customers to predict the appearance and quality. Most importantly, the front-back-inner-partial view can be easily enhanced by ghost effect.

How to edit ghost mannequin:

Ghost Mannequin EffectFrom the above part, it is known that clothing display for fashion industry products can be efficiently improved by mannequin effect. Shop products, full body products also jewellery can also edit by ghost mannequin. Mannequin for clothes is widely used to improve the display products and increase the beautification of the website.

  • Step one: Product Clipping path

A minimum background is a primary requirement for clear mannequin effect. Your photo background can contain unnecessary details that should be removed by photo background removal. Behind products or inside undesired details should be discarded.

Mannequin photographs contain multiple angles photos worn by the models. As a result, there is a chance to be distracted by the background details. At first, obstructs of the not required details removed by product clipping path. It makes the mannequin process easier and help to make clear mannequin in further steps

  • Step two: Remove Ghost from the product

After clipping of your product efficiently remove the ghost or dummy from the product. Eliminating all of the background and mannequins, refine the product mask slightly to the edges. It helps to make the effect a nice and clean look.

To make the mannequin illusion stand out, refine the edges repeatedly. Double check the refine edges and make sure that everything is in the alignment.

  • Step three: Add neck joint

As you have taken your several shots of the products, it is time to use them now. Use the without mannequin photo and cut the neck. Add the neck to the refined edge image. Fix the error of matching and edit like attachment perfectly.

  • Step four: Add shadow to the neck portion

To make the ghost effect realistic, add shadow in the collar portion. It is the most important step to make effect perfectly. It is beneficial to appear your images in 3D view. Shadow beneath the collar region keeps neckline triangle between the shoulders.

  • Step five: Final retouching

At last, you have done your entire shop mannequin, review your work. Final retouching will include evaluation of your work. Check the opacity, angle, shadow and replacement of your products.

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