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TNT has recently released an iPad optimized version of its TNT app bringing with it complete length TV episodes and movies. Look into watch clips and behind-the-scenes videos, episode guides, watch clips and behind-the-scenes videos, set schedule reminders and yet watch full episodes of The Closer, Falling Skies, Rizzoli & Isles and more after authenticating through your television provider. Get complete entrance to your favorite TNT shows anywhere and whenever you want. Every life requires a little drama–now, you can get it with you wherever you go, for free.


This one will come as no revelation as this is one of the most accepted video content apps out there. With iPad TV made for the TV, there are few apps which are so obviously iPad TV-ready as the likes of Netflix. You do require a Netflix subscription of course, but otherwise, another ought to-have app.


Another app which any advanced ipad TV holder will tell you to download is Kodi. And they are correct. Kodi is a enormous all-round app and presents a nice way to view or play all kinds of content counting your videos, pictures, audio and so on. For the extra advanced users, Kodi has several neat tricks up its sleeves too.

Sling TV

If you are someone who is acutely considering cutting the cord, then Sling TV is liable going to be the first step in weaning yourself off conventional subscription TV packages. Sling TV is a no agreement choice which for a fixed monthly sum will offer you with a collection of live channels. Great choices for those who want to get that first step to going cable-free.

Television Time

Television Time is an efficient and feature-packed iOS TV show tracker that permits you to simply make sense of the numerous TV series you are following, whether you are looking for reminders of episode premieres, or require managing your multi-episode marathons. Users can simply search for their favorite TV shows or find out new series, get notifications for the newest show times, track a list of episodes watched, and view detailed show and season info. Apple Watch support allows you view upcoming show times and you are to watch list right on your wrist, and and iCloud maintain means you can effortlessly sync your data involving devices.


TVShow Time is the another good show-tracking app available to ipad and iOS users. The free app permits users to set up a practice calendar of TV shows they are following, entire with notifications of show times, an episode watch list, and social features that permit you to interrelate with other users and talk about your preferred episodes, plot twists and characters.


The Internet Movie Database or IMDb is a mammoth group of TV, movie and celebrity information, with users capable to pull up casting details, plot synopsis, photos, trailers, reviews, trivia and further. As well as the rich database, you can search for TV listings, movie show times and still recaps of last night’s episodes in addition to rate their favorite movies and TV shows. Whether you are a movie buff looking up manufacture minutiae or a casual viewer who just requires the times for the latest episode, IMDb has got something to present.