Donate Car to Charity California


There is a famous idioms – “Charity begins at home”.  In terms of all religious view donation is highly inspired. Actually most of the people around us always have some belongings like- old clothes, books, cookeries, furniture, electrical home appliances that are no longer useful in good manner or sometimes the model or version is changed for the sake of technology or fashion. This is I am talking about the people of Bangladesh.  But when it comes about the people of California, the situation is quite different.

 As we know, California is the largest and the most populous state of the United States of America, there are many types and models of cars used different people coming from different corners of world, so their tastes are like chalk and cheese. Moreover, a large number of car companies like Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Tesla etc. are launching new models every year.  So people are buying new cars to enhance their social prominence or even for hobby although the preceding car was in good condition. Then come the question of what to do with the old car? There are two simple options- either to sale the old one or to bestow it to an aid organization.

The first option is the best for the learners and people who have to adjust money for buying a new car. The second option is perfect for those who want to do a societal work that can highly merit their eternal life. Beyond the social welfare of car donating in California, there is a realistic benefit for the car contributor. The donor will get some tax deduction for his/her charitable work according to the law act of California vehicle police of 2005.

 Moreover, 10% of California people cannot able themselves for good transportation and buying a new car is a daydream to them. By donating car to such people will be a way to bring grin in their lips and shower them with the light of optimism for living in a improved way.

There are  many charitable societies or organizations who work for buying old, used, cracked or broken cars in California; then they repair it and sale them in auction to good buyers. The money comes from this business they totally use it for social works like old home projects, education for orphans, to build home for homeless people and even for the treatment of some fatal diseases of poor or unaided patients.

So once someone has decided to donate a car in California first of all he/she has to search a non-profitable charitable organization and make sure that this organization is legitimate. Moreover, this organization has good terms with the Department of Motor Vehicle. After the corroboration, he has to inform them and fill up an approved form mentioning all the particular of car like its registration number, insurance coverage, taxpaying yearly sticker etc. Then the organization will toe the car from its owner’s place at free of coast. If the car has some quandary, it will be fixed by them. But the donor has to be vigilant to get return the number plate and the registration number of the car and the patron has to inform the change of ownership to the Department of Motor Vehicle for cancelling plates and logs as well as should notice the insurance company for future allusion or to discontinue the insurance coverage.

So, to donate car in California is easy, fast and safe to get rid of the old car as well as to get the blessings of God with the peace of mind.