Do You Actually Need A Wikipedia Page for Your Business?

Wikipedia page for brand

Answer: People often ask that whether having a Wikipedia page for brand or business helps them in promoting their website’s rank. Before coming directly to the answer let us first know what Wikipedia is actually and how it functions. Well, basically it is an online free dictionary just resembling to encyclopedia. It consists of millions articles on largely diversified topics. To be very honest it has nothing to do with rank of your site. Wikipedia links pointing the websites have a ‘no follow’ tag. This means Google will not authorized any link from Wikipedia to your business website.

However, it would be wrong to say that having a Wikipedia page is completely useless for the business. Here are some benefits-

  • Your business website or brand can do quite well in search result if they have a Wikipedia page. Thus, we can say that a Wikipedia page can improve the search result of your site.

  • Brand awareness could be created with the help of a Wikipedia page. We all know that it is a big animal in the world of Internet and large crowd visit it every day. There is a possibility that a user may get to your site after visiting the Wikipedia page you have.

  • Wikipedia is used as a sort of some ‘artificial intelligence’ for Google. Thus, it draws summarized information from the Wikipedia. This information helps in producing graph listings of Google knowledge.

  • As told above if there is graph knowledge of google for your business. You may influence the site content with the help of Wikipedia page.

There is not any kind of eligibility criteria for a business to have its Wikipedia page. But, it is a fact that well-built Wikipedia pages get sources of information from third-party. Here, by third-party I mean magazines or newsletters on internet, online published material of reputed authors or business publications. Having online published information makes it easier to have your own Wikipedia page.

It is important to have some online published material for your business, right. But if you don’t have then surely, there is some talks doing required with your PR team. Look how things may turn out well and in the favor of your business seek a nice writer or contact journalists. As soon as you have even a single published piece online your Wikipedia page will be created in no time. Start with a short Wikipedia page as soon as you have a couple of published articles regarding your business. The best thing about Wikipedia pages are that they could be built over time. This means you can revisit your Wikipedia business page any time and add or remove the content as per your choice. Now, when you have learnt so much about Wikipedia pages of a website and could create it. Here are few tips for making an appropriate business page on Wikipedia-

The layout of article: Tip no. 1

While creating a Wikipedia page it becomes quite essential to get a proper template for your article layout. This template should be good enough to meet the established standards of Wikipedia. It is advised to look for an idea from articles that have resembling content with yours and already exist on Wikipedia. It would be convenient to layout the base of your new article on an existing article’s layout.

Self- promotion could be ignored: Tip no. 2

The tone of Wikipedia page should be quite unbiased as maintaining an impartial content pattern would be appreciated. Having the tone of your Wikipedia page based on facts is just the right thing to do. The language of promoting your website or business should not be used along with that avoid extra adjectives as well. In case an article is noticed to be a promoting one, it could be removed from Wikipedia.

You have to explain jargon: Tip no. 3

An ideal article is one that could be understood by any and very user. It is not necessary that a person from same industry will only visit your Wikipedia page. It is highly recommended to ignore usage of abbreviations that a non-industrial person could not understand. For an instance, one can simply write the full-form first and the abbreviations in brackets.

Your article should link with other similar article: Tip no. 4

An ideal page on Wikipedia is linked with other pages related. Like, if there is an article of Microsoft it will be linked to articles of computers, video games, software. It is a precious advice to link some other article with every paragraph of your article.

Adding reference & citations will be good: Tip no. 5

In a good page on Wikipedia a reference or citation is included for every claim that could be challenged in the article. The references from reliable third-parties would be great. However, a reference from your own site or blog would be not that good.

Disambiguation: Tip no. 6

There are few pages on Wikipedia with a common name but completely different content. Thus, differentiation between two is required. In order to avoid this problem you can simply add disambiguation to your article’s title. This disambiguation can be easily added just after the initial title.

Disclosure: Tip no. 7

Wikipedia considers a disclosure policy that is a paid one. Under this policy editors are required to tell if they make edits on Wikipedia as paid arrangements. If there are paid editors then it is required to maintain the standards of the Wikipedia page.

Adoption: Tip no. 8

There is a program run by Wikipedia for the editors. This program is named as ‘adopt a user’ in this program the new editors will be guided by experienced ones. This program helps an individual to get to know more about Wikipedia.

These simple steps and you are ready to launch a Wikipedia page or you can hire wikipedia page creator india for your brand or company. It could be better to look on wikipedia at very low service charge.


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