As we live in a techno based world where internet means everything to everyone there we can easily relate to the idea of the online business sector. Nowadays as the online business has become a regular part of our lives, the use of high class photographs has become so in use too. World class photographers need the high quality photo editing studio to meet up the success in the field. From all the photo editing services Clipping path is one of the most important and basic ones.

There are different Types of Clipping Paths. By types, I meant the different level of this service. The differentiation is based on the complexity level of the given task. Now here are the levels of Clipping Path given below to make the idea of complexity differences clear:

Basic or Simple Level Clipping Path is the complication-free zone of clipping path. Here the designers draw the straight or sheath style as well as curved rims with quite a marginal inscribed transparency slots and require about eight minutes time or less than that to finish. The price scale of basic clipping path starts from $0.30 and can go up to $0.90 fully depending on the complexity level.

Medium or Compound Level Clipping Path is the second level of complexity of clipping path. Here the structure of the model is a bit complicated than basic and the designers have to so basic shapes, compound shapes, complex shapes, or numerous simple or compound designs. Image highlighting in design, it needs 30-45 minutes to complete one task depending on the complexity. The price range starts from $0.90 that goes up to $1.50 for extracting illustrations or photos from their background with highest possible perfection.

Complex Level Clipping Path is the level where the obstacles are high compared with the above two levels. It takes minimum one hour to fix one image with the perfectionist touch. The pricing is listed from $1.5 to $3.0 as it varies from task to task. The complexity begins when a designer fails to define the outline with a tool and that just makes a designer defining the path manually. And it is pretty complicated for any normal designer but for an expert, it is just easy.

Super Complex Level Clipping Path is explained by its name that it is supertype complex. This can get done on products or items prototyping perplexing forms and sizes that might need much more than one hour for hand-drawn clipping path with exactness and we charge minimum $3 for per image. It takes more than 1 hour or sometimes 1 hour is just enough to prepare one super complex image properly.

Multiple or Color Clipping Path is the combination of all levels plus you will add some colors to the object you want inside the image. It has some really striking features to learn and have the whole total idea of the level. People and various companies, who involve with especially studio photography, product photography, e-commerce website, print and media, advertising company etc. need to use the Multipath Services. There is a use of it as image shadow effect and multiple textures, insert or alter different type shade, correct the color of an individual fraction of an image. This procedure is also applied to cut some branches of the image for further image editing or manipulation in Photoshop. This is one of the best features of all the Paths.