Detect Lung Cancer at Early Stages and Get the Best Treatment in India

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is caused by unhealthy cells replicating at an uncontrolled rate in the lungs. It causes heavy damage to the respiratory system, and the patient would find extremely hard to breathe sometimes. They might also experience a lot of pain in the chest. This tumor spreads slowly, and may even spread to other organs. Lung cancer is also referred to as Bronchogenic Carcinomas.


Lung cancer usually doesn’t become apparent very soon. Symptoms take long to develop and are hard to detect initially in the early stages. Still, you may keep an eye out for the following signs and symptoms of lung cancer:

  • Sudden development of a cough that doesn’t go away

  • Blood coming up coughs

  • Pain in the chest

  • Shortness of breath

  • Wheezing

  • Hoarseness

  • Sudden loss of weight

  • Pain in the bones

  • Chronic headaches

If you live in Delhi, or rather, if you live in India and are looking for the best medical care for someone, then Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Research Institute, or RGCIRC as it is commonly known, is one of the best medical institutions in India for treatment and medical care.


Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Research Institute is the best cancer hospital in India in terms of cancer treatment. The doctors there are extremely specialized, and the staff takes extreme care to keep the patient comfortable. The best part, you can make appointments online too. All you have to do is visit their website at ( and book a date. You can choose between their two branches, one in Rohini (West Delhi) and the other at Niti Bagh (South Delhi).

If you’re wondering if RGCIRC, or any hospital in India for that matter, are worth considering, or if you should go for international hospitals abroad, then you might be shocked to learn that medical care in India is one of the best in the world. Indian hospitals today offer you better treatment, care, without breaking the bank. The biggest surprise is that even international patients are flooding into India for cancer treatment. Some of the major factors why treatment in India is preferably better than international hospitals are as follows:

  • Low cost of treatment

  • State of the art technology

  • World class doctors

  • A high rate of survival

RGCIRC uses advanced technologies and high-tech machines, which results in better treatment, monitor the patients’ condition, and also provide better medical care. For lung cancer, therapy and treatment are done in stages; surgical treatment, chemotherapy, target therapy & radiation therapy are some of the methods used for lung cancer treatment in India.


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