How to Design an Application for Accounting Related Entries?


Designing an application requires talent to capture logic. Web designing is the designing of the website, and this is possible only when the site is used on an internet platform. You must have found many articles regarding web design. But this article exclusively describes how to design an application to input accounting entries.

Trying out the combination of science and commerce

Well, making use of web designing in a technical field is common. Trying out a combination of science and commerce is a new concept. There was a time when people used to maintain manual records of daily transactions. Due to bulk transactions, maintaining records were a little bit tiresome. But now technology has bought a new revolution even in the field of data processing of accounting entries. Data processing is nothing but entering, editing and deleting of the entries. After the input of the date is over, the required analysis is done based on the database records.

What should be the focus of a designer?

A designer no matter what he/she designs should mainly concentrate on user experience. When they design any design keeping the end-user in mind, then that design is called user experience design. No matter how technically qualified a person is, if the end-user is not happy in using the computer application or web design created by the designer, then there is no point in all the exercise that took place.

Happiness here refers to the easy usage of computer application. Nothing is easy at the first time. But the way the application works should be pleasing and convince the end-user that the computer application is designed to help them out with their regular activities.

So, as a user experience designer, one should consider the following aspects of any topic to make a perfect design, which will benefit the end-user

The aspects are – Why, What and How to play an important role in any designing.
Before creating any design, the designer should analyze why is the computer application required; what are the sources required to make the design and how it relates to the usage of the computer application.

Let us now incorporate the concept of user experience design in the making of our application

In accounting, recording of day-to-day transactions is very important. The main transaction types are payment, receipts, sales, and purchases. So, whenever the application is created, ensure that there two types of databases created- one is master, and the other is transaction databases. The master database should be created in such a way that the end-user will input all main details like name of employees or inventories etc. In a transaction database, all day-to-day activities are recorded. To update these two databases, required input screens have to be designed. A master file does not require any related file to update as the data entered here is once in a while. But in a transaction database, now and then the reference is made to the master file regarding verification of entry.

Once the database is created with required fields, the designer has to concentrate on the input screen. Normally the data can be updated in a worksheet like excel sheet with rows and columns. But to make the date entry interesting, the designer has to create some input screens. When the data is accepted, required validations have to be assigned to the input screens to accept only the required data. For instance, a field asking for the date should accept the only date and that too in the format prescribed by the designer.

Why aspect of a user experience design has to be followed

The designer should keep in mind why is the input screen designed. The purpose of designing should always be kept in mind. Normally an accounting computer application is created to automate the system of recording transactions.

What aspect has to be considered accompanied by appropriate interaction with the end-user and the businessman

A businessman needs one such application through which the required reports are generated as and when required without much trouble. An end-user or the bookkeeper wants the application to maintain recorded systematically and as it reduces the effort required in recording transactions. Previously, the bookkeeper had to record the same transactions in various books, but now using the latest technology, the end-user finds it easy to record a transaction in a computer accounting application because, if it is recorded at one place, it will be updated in all necessary databases. The time taken in recording the transactions is comparatively less. A designer can get the information of what is required from the end-user and design accordingly. All the forms which have to be generated through a computer can be had from the end-user. Ultimately, he is the person who has to use the application.

The How aspect – Where it fits?

After the creation of the application, the designer has to ensure that he teaches the usage of the computer application. This is how aspect works! He has to tell out all the precautions to be taken while entering data and for the maintenance of records. A computer application works perfectly only when it is used properly.
A small-scale business person can make use of the services of a designer to design accounting software for his business since the number of transactions is less, the application will be tailor-made and required database will be comparatively less.
The job of the designer does not end with the creation of computer application. He also has to take care of the maintenance part of the database.


Practically seen, creating a design of your own is easy when compared to creating a user experience design because an end-user will never be happy even though things are done according to his instructions. So, the designer must ensure that whatever is required, written consent has to be taken because it can be used to cross check whether the required thing is designed or not. This was the procedure for normally data entry. But when the database has to be accessed through the website, the designer has to design the application in such a way that it can be accessed on the internet platform by linking it to a website.


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