How are Dental Implants Safe During Pregnancy?


If you want to maintain a healthy smile and be safe from any more oral health problems then dental implants are the safest and the most effective way of replacing the missing tooth. Dental implants were thought be risky until now. With the advancement in the technology, dental implants are now safe and more affordable.

Still one question does bother everyone a lot. Are dental implants safe for pregnant woman? People often pop up the question to the dental professionals. In fact, there are so many queries related to the oral health of the pregnant woman.

A pregnant woman undergoes many dramatic hormonal changes. Their estrogen level is not the same and as the level increases, so does the chances of having gum disease and infection. Very few people are aware of the fact that the gums of the pregnant woman are exposed to the bacteria more than anyone else. If not taken care of properly, it causes tooth decay and gingivitis. In such conditions, dental implants are a blessing to the pregnant woman. Although, it is recommended that they do not undergo the treatment during certain points of pregnancy.

There are different phases of pregnancy and the body reacts differently in the different conditions. But what is most crucial is the development of the fetus. The first and the third trimesters are believed to be the most important for the growth of the fetus. If exposed to environmental hazards and other strong radiations, then it can affect the growth of the baby. Before undergoing the dental treatment, one has to get the regular check up and it is done by using the powerful X- rays which can prove hazardous for the fetus. If the treatment has to be done then the mother would be given anesthesia and it is strictly suggested that any oral work should be done only during the second trimester. If the conditions are bearable, then the treatment should be postponed till after the pregnancy so that no harm is done to the fetus.

But sometimes it is necessary to get the treatment done during the pregnancy. If the infection in the mother’s teeth is spread too much then it is suggested that the mother gets the tooth removed in order to be safe from more problems in the future. If the pain starts getting too much, then the mother would have to resort to pain killers which are absolutely bad for the fetus. The infection, when spread, effects the immune system of the mother and this would stress the fetus.

Sometimes, the procedure of the dental implant can cause a lot of stress for the mothers. This raises their anxiety level which again can impact the child. Overall, the dentists suggest that the dental implants should be postpone till after the pregnancy.

Tips to stay away from oral health problems during pregnancy

The only way to stay away from the dental problems is to pay special attention to the oral health. It is important to maintain the health of the gums and the teeth as once infected, it can create a lot of problems.

Morning sickness and vomiting are common during the pregnancy. If you are experiencing sickness and vomiting during pregnancy, it is very important that you use a mouthwash and brush immediately after it. This is to protect the teeth from unnecessary bacteria build up or the increased chances of infection.

Pregnant woman should stay away from eating snacks that are high in sugar and carbohydrates. This makes the mouth open to bacteria attack and makes them prone to decay. It is very important for the pregnant woman to take care of the teeth. The decay can cause problems for the unborn child. The mother is expected to consume lot of dairy products and these dairy items are very good for their health.

Never skip on the dental appointments. It is better to keep the mouth in the best condition than to face the problems afterwards. You should get your dental care as you do. Just be sure that dentist knows that about the condition before hand.

Being pregnant however does not mean that you stop following the general oral hygiene rules. It is still important that you do whatever you used to do to take care of the health of the mouth. Regular brushing and flossing are important to make sure that the bacteria does not spread in the mouth. Mouthwash is also necessary to maintain the overall health of the mouth.

Diet is important as it also impacts the health of kid. Eat more mineral and Vitamin rich fruits and vegetables. It is also good to stay hydrated as the water washed away the excess food particles from the mouth and helps your mouth stay in good condition.

The tooth implant cost in India is affordable and if necessary, it must be done even during pregnancy but in extremely careful conditions.


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