Credit Information Bureau (CIB)


What is CIB?
Credit Information Bureau (CIB) is a document of an individual, which contains the repayment history of liability. The CIB is generated from central bank of a country. In the previous time, the CIB was generated manually but now a days it is generated through online from the server of Central Bank. In manual process it was a lengthy process which took about 15 to 20 days to generate, but now it requires only few seconds.
Process of generating CIB:
Firstly, browse the website of central bank (Only authorized person are allowed to visit). Secondly, select the liability type that the applicant wants to take from home financial institution. Thirdly, Input all the required information about the applicant and submit it. Fourthly, download the pdf format of CIB.
Mandatory Information required for generating CIB:
The following mandatory field must be filled up for generating CIB:
• Applicant Name
• Parent’s Name
• Applied Amount
• Date of birth (DOB)
• District of birth
• National Id/ Passport/ Driving License number.
• Permanent Address
Users of CIB:
The financial institutions which engaged with lending to others must use CIB to know the credit history of applicant.