How to convert your Pen drive as NTFS format


NTFS stands for New Technology File System. It is the File system of more used OS windows hard drive by Microsoft. Most of us use OS windows Xp / Vista/ Seven / eight, so it is much known to us. We use pen drive to transfer data at off line. It generally FAT 32 bit format. Most of us use pen drive to set up OS in our laptop. It takes more time from 32 bit. It will take a few times to do the same activity by NTFS format.

No need to use extra software in Windows 7 and Windows 8 to convert into NTFS format. But extra software require to format in Windows XP. Now see the tips how to convert your pen drive at NTFS format without software.

Step-1: Go to my computer and then click right button and select properties.


Go to Hardware Tab then click to Device Manager.


After open device manager click Disk drive, two drive shown one is hard drive another is pen drive.


Click Pen drive and right button then go to Properties,


There are two options after open the properties.

optimisize for quick removal
optimisize for performance



Click Ok after selecting optimisize for performance.


Open My Computer & click right button over Pen drive then Select Format.


After open format window you can see NTFS option, now format it by selecting NTFS.