Check These MistakesIn Post Production For Apparel Photography

Underwear photography apparel

Product photography apparel always makes high-quality photos. It can make a website appearance extraordinary with beautiful clothing photographs. As beautification is related to apparel photography, photographers stand in line for post-editing. Though apparel photographers try to shoot fashion products in the best way possible, most of the time photographs perturb from perfection. And, the solution is post-editing of product photos.

Here, in this article, I will describe the mistake you are making in product photo shoot and the solution of these mistakes by photo-post production. So, reading this content, you will be benefited by making less mistake in apparel product photography. Even if you make some mistakes, the solution by post-editing will be discussed.

Though product photography apparel is a part of photography, it is exceptional than most other photography. Normally it is used in advertising, e- commerce business etc. Sometimes companies use a mannequin for their apparel product photography. There have a number of benefits to using these types of photography.

Apparel Mistakes-

When photographer works with apparel product photography, they face many difficulties. And most of the cases they make mistakes.

  • Maximum time photographers do not give importance to mannequins or live models. Simply they hang their apparel on hangers for their apparel product photography. It is a big mistake for these types of photography. So, double check whether the mannequin is fitted to clothing.
  • Although apparel product photography is very popular, photographers do not try to understand its If you take 1 or 2 photos for each product, it will not give customers enough details. Thus, they won’t get the feelings to be attracted to the product. So, try to shoot photos as many as you can.
  • Under exposed and dirty product look will not give a better impression. Try to remove dust particle as you can. Remember a cleaned clothing will look fine in photographs.
  • Forget to setup camera settings for product photo shoot. DSLR camera produces high-quality photographs but incorrect settings spoil this. Try to double check ISO, Aperture, White balance, auto etc. camera settings whether all things are correct.
  • Product photography in under-exposed lighting. From product photography apparel, it is desired of a bright lighting product photo. Also, exposing photographs as product colour and other details accurately, are also wanted. So, try to shoot in ample lighting also focusing the colour with less noise.

Mistakes Solution –

The previous portion was all about mistakes that you are making in product photo shoot. Now it’s time to provide the solution. Here is a list of post-editing process by which you can overcome your studio photography problems. So, let’s start to dig into checking mistakes in product photography apparel and get perfect apparel product photography-

  • In apparel photography, products colour and shape are the most important. And mistakes related to colour or shape can be checked by post editing photography.
  • Just camera setting is not enough for apparel product photography, lighting setup is also important. In general,studio lighting is not enough to shoot colour like red or pink. You need to make the correction in Photoshop to satisfy your clients.
  • In product photo, retouching is part of editing. Retouching means skin touch up. It makes photos more attractive. If products model has any types of facial scratches, wrinkles or other problems, retouch can solve these problems.
  • Cropping and resizing means cut unwanted things in the photo. In the product photographs, all things are not necessary. By cropping and resizing, you can easily remove unwanted things from product photos. By this, you can save the photo size, fulfil the requirement of enlisting photos, and create a new look.
  • Color correction is also essential for post processing. In apparel photographs, you need to correct many colours those have not been focused through photographing.

After product photography in the studio, all the thing you have is post-editing process to get the best product photos.So, in product’s photography editing is more necessary to create a beautiful product photo. Without editing photo, apparel product photography is never going to get the perfect execution. So, shoot product photos and go for post-editing to get high-quality photos.