Are Brain Supplements a Hoax or do They Really Work


Blogs that endorse ‘improved brain cognition’ with seemingly authentic citations might have been the reason why you’ve spent a fortune ordering fake brain supplements online. We’ve a disclaimer for what we’re about to say next – you might want to take a seat for this, since this might be a ‘hard pill to swallow’ – pun intended.

Brain supplements have been in the industry since a very long time, but they achieved recognition and growth due to internet and consequent digital marketing. Since brain boosters are marketed primarily as food supplements, you don’t necessarily require a prescription before buying them.

Perhaps this is where you were wrong all along. It’s time that the entire lot on the internet stops spending money in the name of ‘health and self-care’ just because there was a placebo of people that endorsed fake brain supplements.

Brain supplements: Do They Really Work

Brain supplements took the world by storm when people discovered various health claims. Most of these claims were made in accordance to improved brain cognition, enhanced memory and function; a lot of these were marketed more aggressively. Numerous companies in the industry market their brain supplements as ‘mere replacements’ to allopathic medicines while some take the leap by endorsing them as the ‘ultimate cure’ to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

According to a news article posted by AARP Bulletin in 2016, approximately $37 billion is spent every year on nutritional supplements. In addition to the internet, your next door pharmacist is also endorsing and selling brain supplements to elderly citizens on the block by taking advantage of their old age and senile behaviour.

Nutritional Deficiency

For instance, when you experience frequent body aches, lethargy and joint pains, your doctor might suggest you to go for some serum tests pertaining to the calcium and Vitamin D levels in your body. If your calcium or vitamin D levels are low, then your doctor might advise you to take supplements or boluses that might help you to suffice the deficiency. Increased levels of calcium can not only get deposited in your bones, but also in your kidneys as stones.

Similarly, a brain supplement tends to work and improve mental cognition if your body lacks in those parameters. If you’re already a healthy individual and your body is making and acquiring the desired amount of nutrients, then these supplements might not prove to work at all.

Vitamin Deficiency in Gestation

Due to various dietary factors, most people tend to suffer from B-12 deficiencies amidst other malnourishments during gestation as well. However, vitamin B supplements, such as folic acid are prescribed for the development of the neural tube in fetuses. Deficiency of folic acid might affect the development of the brain during the first trimester, which is why it is necessary to have a blood serum test prior to and during pregnancy.

Deficiency of CNS Nutrients in low-birth-weight infants

Most brain supplements are made up of a concoction of herbs that target various parts of your brain for enhanced functioning. However, some brain supplements such as those pertaining to omega-3 fatty acids or fish oil capsules might help to sell more due to their individuality and proved context.

Sometimes, brain supplements tend to work and induce effects in your system even in a short time – say, two hours – while for most people, they tend to falter and produce side effects such as headaches and an upset stomach as well. However, this also depends on the type of brain supplements you’re taking.

Some brain supplements act as ‘food for thought’ primarily due to the deficits in the central nervous system. Over the course of growth and due to various parameters of your diet, your central nervous system might become deficient in nutrients.

For instance, breast milk is advised for infants not only due to colostrum and the provision of antibodies, but also because it contains a variety of ingredients that somehow, are absent in formula milk. One such example is DHA that might help to improve the cortical and visual function of low-birth-weight infants. Brain supplements containing DHA, PUFAs and αLA fatty acids are some types of nutrients that your CNS requires for improving the aspects of synaptic function and consequent neurotransmitter release in the brain.

Brain Supplements and Ageing – truth or not

Do brain supplements really help to ‘cure’ Alzheimer’s Disease? If so, then they would have been taken up by scientists and research for a better allopathic medicine would have ceased long ago. However, this hasn’t been the case, but there is evidence in favor of brain supplements containing tyrosine, tryptophan, choline-lecithin, and folic acid as potential adult brain nutrients.

Lon Schneider, M.D. found out the claims to be irrelevant. According to him, there has been a lot of time, effort and money spent during the decades involved in the research on brain supplements. Somehow, there hasn’t been any research that supports the evidence of ‘brain supplements actually treating or mitigating the effects of Alzheimer’s.

Most of these supplements contain ingredients that might be hazardous for the elderly. Gingko biloba has been recommended during placebos, and endorsed proactively due to its effects on people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. However, what people don’t realize is that most of these herbs are potentially hazardous to health if they’re paired with significant allopathic medications such as SSRI anti-depressants or drugs prescribed as statics, blood thinners, or to counteract elevations in blood pressure.

In a world that’s surrounded with lies, fake news, and hoaxes, can you support the next company that reads the same ‘better health for self-care’ slogan in support of another herbal concoction? Amidst all of these prejudices, there are claims that have supported the benefits of these brain supplements.

So, what sorcery is this, and should you buy brain supplements or not? Well, it’s the plain truth, and we shall leave it to you to make the decision.


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