Bets Holiday Destinations with Family at West Palm Beach, Florida

tour in west plam beach florida

Free attractions

From taking a dip on its beautiful beaches to taking a bike ride on the scenic Lake Trail, these are very relaxing experiences that do not cost a dime. The same goes for strolling through their flirtatious trolleys, or exploring the CityPlace stores in Downtown, where local musicians frequently give free concerts. You can spend some of the most memorable afternoons magnificent sandy beaches and the warm climate throughout the year make Florida one of the main destinations for family vacations.

Whether you’re towing kids to Orlando to see Disney characters or heading farther south to Miami, there are resorts across the Sunshine State geared toward the family of travelers. We have visited numerous hotels to compare their characteristics suitable for children, from swimming pools with water slides to supervised activities for the little ones, and find the best of the best.

Family entertainment

Who can resist a good summer dip in fun Water Rapids slides? There are 36 in total, and as they are divided into three levels: the strongest and ideal for the little ones, the whole family can have fun. We also like its good offers of museums, among which the Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens, always presents a varied cultural agenda ranging from bonsai classes, to the traditional tea ceremony.

Large hotels, the Breakers

We love to stop in the lobby of this historic building that was built in 1896, because it makes us feel like we are in a palace in Italian Tuscany. From Florence, 73 craftsmen came at that time to hand paint the domes with their Flemish paintings.

Enjoy in a Spa

To completely disconnect from the world, nothing like a spa with exclusive treatments. It is an aquatic body therapy that combines shiatsu massage techniques, dance movements. You will fall asleep, floating! The massage is given in one of the three pools of Worlds of the World. The Roman, set with Tuscan columns in the background; that of the Dead Sea, which is conditioned with salts brought from that place, famous for their good health effects.

One more fact: As the name implies, this hotel is a mecca for golf and has five courses, some designed by champions of the sport. If you do not know the sport there is no problem, because classes are given the same for children as for adults.

The gastronomy

In an environment dates back to the 1950s, Chef Marco Barbisotti has orchestrated a fascinating menu. We especially recommend your Sunday brunch, where the eggs of SantAmbroeus Norwegian (poached, with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce served in a homemade roll), are an experience that must be repeated!

Water Play  

On a hot summer day there is nothing like coming here and enjoying the fountain. It is open every day of the week, except on Saturday mornings when this area becomes a fabulous green market. It is right on the waterfront, making it a beautiful place to spend a quiet afternoon. In addition, plenty of shopping and dining options and it is only a short walk to City Place, that has entertainment stores.

McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary

It is an impeccable place where one can see splendors of animals as if they were pets of a house. Pampered, well fed with their shiny hair and an attitude.  You can only visit with one shift. The person who in this case guided the visit is called Jessica. Very nice, loving with animals, she tells how each one came to the shelter, and it shows the relationship she has with them while one can see them very closely. The entrance that is paid clearly has a good destiny. Congratulations to those who achieved this endeavor.

Kravis Center for the Performing Arts

The Kravis Center is a must-see in Palm Beach County – See attractions. They have an abundance of great shows to choose from, both day and night. The building is beautiful and the performances are of high quality. Take hold of the seats in the first couple of rows, although all the seats seem to be good. An installation is very attractive and well thought out. The seat, even on the upper balcony was quite comfortable.

Grassy Waters Nature Preserve

There are stops along the boardwalk to sit in a chair and meditate / rest / sketch / watch, parts of the boardwalk do not have bars, so the leaves and vines are right next to me, not apart. You can go to enjoy peace and tranquility in a safe and exquisite environment. It is a best place for a pleasant walk in spring. We walk the trails and it is very beautiful. They offer other activities. It was great to see Florida nature! Lawn Water Nature is an essential activity for nature lovers. Walk through the reserve to see the flora and fauna. It’s fantastic times!

Downtown West Palm Beach

It is very beautiful, it is very quiet. All you can find everything to eat, to take ice cream, the cinema we saw it only when passing very nice it looks and was full. We wanted to eat in Brios, we love their food. Nice place to walk and walk a little. A short street with a few entertaining shops and several places to eat are careful when parking everything is measured. You can look at the too.

Yesteryear Village

The site consists of numerous historic buildings that were moved from the entire area and were carefully restored and filled with elements typical of early South Florida dating back to before 1920. The museum has collections of agricultural and household implements, vintage guns and Painting of historic Floirda events in the style of Grandmother Moses. Each building has one or more dressed in period costumes and ready to answer questions about the first few days. The blacksmith who works is a highlight. The one-room school has desks and books from the first days of European settlement, a blackboard and a set of old maps. There is also a viewpoint and common areas where local bands perform. The church has another set of vocalists and instrumentalists who specialize in pioneer sacred music.

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